Kenya and Mothering

I received this post card from Hollee upon her return from Africa.  Recently, another friend, living on Pender Island enjoyed an exquisite experience of Africa and took some beautiful photographs to record the events.  When I look at the images, they feel other-worldly.  While we grow up with images of Africa and other continents, sometimes the media, while bringing these places close to us through our screens, can exaggerate the distance between places through their extreme differences.

Elizabeth Miles Chobe River, Botswana Elizabeth Miles SerengetiThanks to Hollee who remembers me on these trips.  She is a beautiful sister-friend.  Thanks to Elizabeth who feels the heart beat of the earth and wants to care for the planet in authentic ways.

P1160125 P1160126Hollee touched on the aspects of being a mother!  Excellent and, she knows, oh so relevant!

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