Objects of My Affection:Creamers

A Part of My Collection

I think that the porcelain creamers that have been used on hotel tables for a zillion years are absolutely beautiful, in part because of their aesthetic, but also because each one holds a story.  When I look at them, I don’t only think about the possible stories of the folk who have used them, but I think about the story of the Hotel where they have been used.  There are very few of these in circulation any more, so there must be a large number of collectors.  I would like to expand upon my collection, but have found them very scarce the last number of years.

I don’t know what being a Diviner of porcelain hotel creamers says about me?

Medalta Pottery

4 thoughts on “Objects of My Affection:Creamers

  1. If it helps, the symbol of a creamer, or any container that mimics a pitcher refers to the outpouring of ideas, knowledge, or emotions.
    I find it kind of cool you do these pieces of art, which is another form of outpouring. =]

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