Argenta, B.C.

I ache to return and rest at Argenta, on Kootenay Lake.  I love that the truest purest memory of Pauline remains there.  When I think of some places, all I can do is think of the faces of people I love.  Argenta…the mountains, the smell of the air, the early setting of the sun, hot tea in the dark…a beautiful spot in the world.

3 thoughts on “Argenta, B.C.

  1. I just commented on your painting and then looking further at your blog here I see the Argenta, BC post. I have a wee humble cabin across the lake from there at Lardeau. I believe we have things in common. I cannot imagine my life without the influences and experiences I have on Kootenay Lake and the environs there. Jane

    • My drawing prof from the University of Lethbridge, Pauline McGeorge meant the world to me…her letters gave me strength when I didn’t feel strong. You are blessed to have a humble cabin at Lardeau, but you must be in the shadow of the mountain very early in the evenings. Let’s stay in touch, Jane. Kath

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