Love Art in Calgary: Herringer Kiss Gallery

At the Herringer Kiss Gallery, I enjoyed reminiscences of curling up in warm blankets.  Lauren Walker, in her collection titled Where We Sleep, melds the cultural context of her home province, Nova Scotia, with contemporary techniques, creating conceptual and patterned work under the polished sheen of epoxy.

I open to the contents of my own linen closet this morning and find the familiar patterns of my Grandmother’s quilts…my friend, Glo’s work…and think about the sense of nostalgia and memory that these conjure up for me.

P1140933 P1140935 P1140936 Lauren’s art brings to mind similar memories…for me, the white drips on subtle white background, brought to mind the nubby chenille bedspreads of the 50s.  As an adult, this becomes a reference to many childhood recollections, especially memories of recuperating from illness…being wrapped up in blankets…observing the surrounding pattern…being nurtured by my mother.

ChenilleArtist, Lauren Walker and Owner/Director, Deborah Herringer Kiss were both generously available to us and enlightened us about intent, process and history of Lauren’s work.  It was a tremendous pleasure to enjoy such insights.  A blog is available for perusal by my readers and future projects and events can be viewed on their current website.



Lauren Walker sheds light on her process.


Deborah Herringer Kiss describes evolution of style and approach in the young artist, Lauren Walker.

P1140791 P1140797 P1140802 P1140830Departing…after our third stop along the Love Art in Calgary tour…time for lunch and sharing of stories and ideas.


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