Love Art in Calgary: Trepanier Baer

From the Lux Laundromat, our tour group headed a few blocks east, to the Trepanier Baer art gallery.  I’ve had a few beautiful experiences there in the past viewing exhibits by Evan Penny and David Urban, so I was looking forward to revisiting the gallery and seeing the Ron Moppett exhibit, Vincent’s Last Studio.

The one really pleasant face to face conversation I shared with Ron Moppett was enjoyed at the Esker Foundation where we chatted about paint by number paintings at length and with interest.

I was really grateful for the generous tour given by Administrative Assistant, Judy Ciccaglione.  This was an informative and very entertaining review of some of the notions that were key to this exhibit.

P1140765 P1140767 P1140770 P1140772 P1140775 P1140777 P1140780 P1140781 P1140782 P1140783 P1140786 P1140788As an extension, Ron Moppett’s mosaic is a formidable piece of public art available for our perusal.

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