Image Overload: Me and Mom

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It amazes me that I can walk past the computer any time of the day and in ten or fifteen minutes, I can choose to write a post and illustrate that post with a digital photograph.  I look at how many images we all see anymore and I am astounded by their number, quality and their availability.  There was a time when individuals had a very sketchy record of their history in photographs.  Take for example the documented images you see here.  These are a couple of the only photographs I have WITH my mother from my years in high school.  At the time, we had a wee camera.  We had problems getting film to the drug store to be developed, so even though we may have ‘taken’ photographs in the family, it was a lucky day that any of the film was processed. 

The family camera is now a thing of the past, with each and every family member now carrying multiple sorts of technology that record and spew out almost immediate records of the most insignificant or significant events of their lives.

Having been born in 1955, I learned in high school to keyboard on an Underwood typewriter in school.  I also felt particularly blessed to own my own transistor radio! I have to say to present generations, enjoy the access to the technology of today and use those cameras to capture beautiful moments; your Mom, minus the curlers and you, curled up beside her!

A T.V. viewing moment...likely Hockey Night in Canada!

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  1. I remember our “family camera,” which took 126 cartridge film. The family albums are filled with birthday and Christmas shots, and hardly any of the day-to-day shots that we would actually treasure if we had them today. So many people take photos all the time now, of those everyday things we will cherish in 30 years. The question is, are we saving those photos and cataloging them so our kids will know what the heck they are?

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