Here I am sitting at the computer desk at 3:52 in the morning.  Sigh.  This really isn’t typical, but I woke in the night with such a cough that I had to make myself sit up so that I could settle things down.  If I don’t blog this, then the next opportunity for such as this won’t come around for a long time.  I am NOT one to get sick….perhaps I’ve been exposed to so many bugs over the years and I move so fast that they have a hard time catching up with me.  My children have been ill time and time again, but I have been blessed with good health for a very long time.  I’m grateful for that.

 It’s all manageable and I’m certain that if the weather can settle into a bright spring and I can get out into the garden to work, there will be a turn-around!  In the meantime, I pull the fleece up around my neck and sip my hot cup of tea.  What’s important at the moment is that I don’t re-injure my ribs that have been suffering a wee bit with this incessant hack these past couple of days.

 Now, wasn’t this an inspiring little blog?  So laughing here!  On occasion, I  hop into and drop out of an array of  anonymous (why does the word anonymous just look like it arrived here off a spaceship?  Sometimes words just appear like strangers, don’t they?)personal journals (having shrunk in their popularity because writers the world-over have lost their need/desire or ability to write)…and I see that individuals have gotten into the huge habit of spewing forth some aggressive and angry ‘stuff’ in the blog forum.  And if not that, they seem to have a need to visit again and again themes that are over-the-top ‘personal’ in that they put out for the world their most intimate thoughts.  Now, this little ‘rant’ is not a way of censoring or saying that this ‘stuff’ doesn’t have its place…it’s merely an observation of society and her habits around this technology.  And…this little whine about feeling sick has made me smile because perhaps it most exemplifies the popularity of the ‘blog’. 

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