I have no idea what ‘gremlin’ snuck in during the night and removed all of the Youtube flicks that I had embedded here….but it happened!   And…I believe I’ve been earmarked as a candidate for furthur complications because I can only access Youtube if I’m out of my blog site.  If any of you readers have insights as to ‘where’ I went wrong, please let me know.  This is my take on it.
First of all Windows Live Spaces doesn’t appear to be the ‘king’ of all ‘bloggifiers’ out there (and I hope BIG BROTHER IS reading this)…but, I’m so deeply entrenched in this program….as you will note by my archives, I say, ahhhhh…."what the heck!" My philosophy is to always work from within the institutions I belong to in order to initiate change.  I don’t run away from church, from family and goodness knows, it isn’t my history to run away from responsibility and relationship.  So….I’ve written to Live Spaces….(they may have decided that they couldn’t accomodate my need to embed these videos)…although they do provide the option to EMBED video, with a note….Some HTML tags may be removed from your entry for security and formatting reasons.  So I’m making my inquiry about that.  You will note that my blog is not quite so fancy as the blogs you might enjoy on Blogger and MySpace.  I can’t publish a word cloud here…publish a beautiful phases of the moon chart…and the list goes on.  However, I think I’m here for the long haul.
I know that it IS possible for me to publish the link here so that  you can continue to enjoy my musical choices…one step clicking for you…while I explore this entire thing.  I’m glad that while I’ve been so sick, I’ve had this little inquiry to explore as I’m feeling quite unlike myself in terms of strength and energy.
I’ve registered with Youtube and also read about their requirements of conduct/copyright/sharing and potential for embedding onto blogs, as most clip providers allow for the sharing of their clips.  Now I’m learning about tags and what sorts of options are out there.  I find the Youtube ‘thing’ absolutely phenomenal as you can locate your favourite artists performing in their very early days…pretty special stuff!  If you haven’t viewed much there, I DO recommend that you look up your favourite public speakers….I found some awesome Stephen Lewis stuff there, poets and musicians.  In the meantime, I’m going to continue to explore the practical workings of all of this techno-potential!

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