Easter Candle

I’ve just returned home from our downtown Cathedral, St. Mary’s, where I was invited to participate in and observe/archive the process of making our own Paschal Candle.  It was a tremendous opportunity for me and I enjoyed it very much.  As well as that process, I also felt blessed to explore the shops and work spaces in the deep basement of the Cathedral.  I had such a sense of history and of a remarkable past as we wandered the long corridors.
You will see in my photo archive a collection of quick photographs and I will add to this album as we continue to prepare the candle for Easter Vigil.
It is hard to believe that it has been an entire year since I painted the wall of our Chapel…as I reflect back on the experience, I continue to feel blessed!
I intend for this to be a painting-weekend, but won’t miss the opportunity to work a bingo (YUCK!) for my son’s band-fundraising (in direct contradiction with our Bishop…but apparently we can finish off our commitments of this year)tommorrow afternoon! It will be a long soak in the tub after that event! Wishing you all a creative and peaceful weekend!

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