Weekend Wind-up

Well, it’s early and certainly it’s not a real ‘happy’ book, but I’m heading for bed to continue reading Ann-Marie MacDonald’s book Fall on Your Knees….it is officially ‘the-book-of-last-week’, but because it’s so enormous and I can’t hold it up comfortably in bed, I’ll give myself this week as well.  I had read MacDonald’s The Way the Crow Flies quite some time ago because it loosely connects to the Stephen Truscott story.  Having come from military ‘beginnings’ the setting and characters were developed around that experience and the writer captured it all to the detail.  I can tell that similarly, this present fiction is going to be somewhat disturbing…but it’s been on my bookshelf for awhile and after I read it, I can lend it to a friend.
I completed the 110 poetry assignments….1100 poems in all….whoosh…that was quite something!  I’m feeling relieved!  I also got my tax-stuff together finally…dug through countless receipts and you all know that schtick…dull, but necessary and it’s an awesome thing to have that sorted.
Another painting is well on the way to completion.  I’ll post photos this week.  It was inspired by one of my student’s poems actually and I know that it will have a mystical sense about it when it is completed because it began with the light of a child’s words.  Wishing you all a wonderful week.

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