Looping around Lake Louise

My sister friends and I headed out to Lake Louise yesterday morning at 7:30.  We shared in a beautiful hike up and above Lake Louise, after trekking up the trail on the way to Agnes Lake Tea House and then heading it left from Mirror Lake instead.  What an amazing view of the glacial water below us, shadowed by a mountain in deep ultramarine blue.  An exceptional thing was that at four different times we heard the loud crashing of glacial snow pounding down the mountainside and one time, stood speechless as we watched it happen.  It was an inspiring and moving experience to be up there in the autumn.  The golden larch trees were interspersed with the conifers…absolutely stunningly blue sky…the smell of evergreen thick in the air.  Beautiful!
Next time I get up into this same location, I hope to hike my way up to the Plain of Six Glaciers…we were so very close but didn’t seem to have enough daylight and stamina to make it all work this time. 
Our primary goal yesterday was to find a special rock setting for one of my sister-friends.  Likely forty years ago, her mother posed along with her aunties for a black and white photograph at the edge of Moraine Lake.  We looked at angles and vegetation and took our very own photograph, using a little disposable camera, of the likely location revisited.  It was a close replication.   
Oh yes…and something unusual for me, I left my camera at home!  Can you believe it?

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