Aurora Borealis

On Saturday night I drove out to the little town of Turner Valley and attended a concert in the wee Flare and Derrick.  It had been some time since I had heard the honky tonk band that I love so much and it was a good thing to listen to the familiar tunes and do a bit of dancing in the outside aisles.  Afterwards, I offered a buddy of mine a lift home and we were on our way in the blackness of the night…out on the winding country roads.
Shortly after we were on our way, I noticed a massive arch stretching across the night directly to the north.  I pulled over onto a small narrow road and turned off the car.  Out we got.  For fifteen minutes or so, we stood by the side of the van watching the dance of the northern lights.  And above us the stars were like a brilliant cloud of light…so many stars scattered for an endless forever!
The lights were brilliant green woven together with yellow and they transitioned into brilliant towers of pink and violet that stretched and then returned to melt again into the green.  It was an awsome site…a beautiful evening of music and light!

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