As I left Lethbridge, the sun was a giant ball in the sky…very near to the horizon…soft violet cloud streaked in streamers of gold.  I will likely write an entry about my experiences of friendship and family tomorrow…for now…just a sense of my time traveling in my angel-van…coming home.
Ponds on the prairie were like dishes filled with liquid mercury.  Brilliant reflections melted my heart and I thought that it was all a beautiful ending to saying my good-byes to Mary. I thought that she might think this was a fitting memorial.  Birds were dark silhouettes on the water…such peace and simple beauty.
At dusk, the sun became a sliver on the horizon and to the northwest I could see the contours of our mountains come into view. By this time, it was difficult to see…the light was so soft then and all contrast disappeared.  I could distinguish the golden fields against a dark background and then suddenly the setting danced to life as no fewer than thirty deer became animated figures in the tall grass.  They looked like boats floating on a vast sea.  My heart pounded at their movement, both in awe and in fear somehow.
The last forty-five minutes of the drive I was wrapped up in a fog thicker than anything I’d ever been through. Such a variety of experiences on a two hour drive!  I am glad to be home. 

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