Chapel Time: Day Seventeen

I painted for two hours in the Chapel tonight and decided to remain for Mass as well.  The layers of relief continue to be applied and I try to work across the piece, not getting too precious about any one location.  Another reading was written in script to the right….John 4….water….thirst….
A concept that I thought about for much of the time in the Chapel tonight was, "I am the breath of life….I am the breath of life…."  As a result, I tried to maintain a sense of breath in the act of painting.  I kept my body relaxed and focused on opening up my chest…breathing…pacing….taking breaks and just engaging the image.
At some point in the evening a small group of troubadours joined me with their rehearsal of the Passion Play.  What a lot of spunk and energy!  It was a very unusual thing to have such giddiness and spirit surrounding me during my painting hours.
I will not be able to paint tomorrow evening or Thursday as I will be traveling south to say good-bye to Mary.  I’m wishing you peace with your friends and family tonight…I’m wishing you love.

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