Birthday Girl

When life is riddled with bad news and sad times, just look a little in a different direction and you will see the face of wonderment and loveliness.  Last evening I was able to share in a meal with my dear sister-cousin-friend…quiet conversation…laughter…stories.  I steered my boat against the current slightly and found her.

Cousin Margy and Handsome Grandson, Maverick

Cousin Margy and Handsome Grandson, Maverick

This morning, I am looking at the face of my daughter.  First born.  For almost nine months, I wrote letters to her in a journal.  I never wanted to forget the journey of her creation.  Today she is a woman.  She is creating a beautiful life of her own with her husband and yet for me, in this moment, it was just yesterday when I held her in the crook of my arm…grateful and full of peace.  Thank you, dear daughter, for showing me the face of life’s great pleasure.  You are one of my best friends.  You bless me with your thoughts, your feelings and your affection.  I am truly grateful for you!  Have a marvelous birthday.

Hours old.  Erin With Mama (apologies for scanned photo quality)

Hours old. Erin With Mama (apologies for scanned photo quality)


Happy Birthday, Daughter!

Nineteen years ago, at 12:08 on Christmas Eve, my willowy dancer was tugged into life!  And right at the anniversary of her birth on the 24th this year, I was dancing in her arms…mother and daughter wrapped up in oneanother.  It is interesting that she chose my favourite honky-tonk spot to celebrate with her friends…it is cozy and family-like and everyone in the place shared lemon meringue pie with us….not often one has Tom Phillips singing your Happy Birthday to you as you stand proud on a dance floor!  A ‘magical’ event!
I Love You!