Things Change

I purchased a kitchen chair for $5.00 at the second hand shop and decided to refurbish it to add another place at the feast table.  It’s a fantastic chair because it was solidly built in Canada.  I really like things that are manufactured in Canada!  I didn’t take a ‘before’ photo (the chair was painted white), but got one in the process.  I sanded off the old paint finish and then I adhered the Psalms and a portion of the Gospel of Matthew to the piece. Then  I began to paint layers, beginning with the red that you see here. 

Red at the elbows and ankles.

I then went into it with transparencies of burnt umber and pthalo blue, two of my favourites! I’m not certain that it’s done yet…I think I’ll be moving back into the metallic gold with some pthalo blue tomorrow.  It’s fun to watch things change while listening to good music.  Garnet Rogers, Stan Roger’s brother, played for this project.

An Afternoon With Garnet Rogers

Create some unity with gold.


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