Quilt Templates

Quilt Image
I’m taking a huge interest lately in templates for traditional quilting.  My artist’s statement is evolving to incorporate a commentary on remnants and how women have traditionally created utilitarian and aesthetic objects out of bits and pieces of things.  I believe these pieces reflect much about various cultures and more importantly, reflect the patience and hope of women.
I will publish my completed statement here at some point, but in the meantime, am completing a number of pieces that I consider studies…pieces that should open up a body of work of some significance in terms of ‘meaning and context’ as opposed to representation.  I’m going to paste a number of images here, knowing full well that due to copyright, they may start disappearing just as quickly.  We’ll see how astute the internet police are.  I will try where I can to provide the links that I use and hope that this credit will give license for their use.
Quilt 2