Sunday in Parkland Community

My friend, Pat, invited me for a beautiful Sunday afternoon experience in the Parkland Community.  I have always really enjoyed hearing Pat’s pride in her community and I do see it as an exemplar of what community can be, while living in the suburbs of Calgary.  This community has got it ‘going on’ and with the leadership of a few very motivated community members (there are a few in every community) and the hard work, commitment and creativity of a strong membership, Parkland has much to be proud of.

The gates were opened up last Sunday and in the afternoon a gathering of people, carrying their lawn chairs and snacks, arrived at two in the afternoon for two amazing sets of blues music offered by entertaining storyteller, Tim Williams. This weekend, Sunday, will find the attendees enjoying the music of Houston’s Hogan and Moss.

After the relaxing time in the sunshine, Pat and I crossed the road to see the community gardens and the wonderful public art; murals, mosaic and ironwork.  Even the siding and landscaping demonstrates the thoughtful investment of the Parkland community. Fantastic stuff.  Gratitude to Pat for inviting me into the glory of summer!

New siding, textures and colour for the building.

Vintage signage has been installed, with thoughts of creating a protective covering, so that it will remain an archive of earlier times and the establishment of the original building of the Community Center.

The creation of storage included the narrative of the sorts of programs and offerings come with the membership in this community, including the book club that I so desperately would like to join.  (no members outside of the community…dang!)

Friend, Michelena Bamford of Wolf Willow Studio, coordinated and created beautiful mosaic work, along with community members.  I love that she included elements of the landscape and wildlife that thrives in our deep south.  The book club members contributed by learning how to create mosaic, but also broke up the pieces of glass for others to use.  Love this Magpie!  It’s a favourite piece!

Animal tracks represent the wildlife typically encountered in our home along the river.

One of the original pieces of art that was created for the community some years ago.  I love the nostalgia that this piece captures.

And then there are the gardens…beautiful and carefully planned and maintained!

Not only is this a magical garden, but I enjoyed a magical day in Parkland Community!

Painting the Town

Sometimes I forget that I live in a city. I spend a lot of time connected to nature; long walks, bird observations and just taking in the landscape.

Last night, I headed to the core…traffic, noise, outdoor patios, bright lights and energized-everything.  I went to Kensington’s Essentia and took in one of my favourite art exhibits in a long time.  Thursday night is always a lively time in Calgary and there were several shows that I wanted to take in, but I gave myself the gift of spending some focused time at a single venue and really enjoyed it.  As always, I will have to get down to the other shows through the month of September and I see that my calendar is filling up.  In fact, I’m hoping to get around this afternoon to The Tinier Gallery in Bridgeland and the exhibit, EMBEDDED MEMORIES by Solveig Agecoutay.

The exhibit, The Changing Face, is a beautiful collection of portrait paintings, covering a diverse number of styles and approaches.  I thought this show rocked it!  Featured artists are Daniel Audet, Amy Gaulin, Aaron Sidorenko, Rich Theroux, Nick Rooney, Brian Flynn, Doug Nhung, Ness Nelson and Shon Anderson.

The competencies and technical achievements in these various artists was so evident. Not only was it a power house show, but the space sang of community and support and lively enthusiasm for the arts in Calgary.  I think that Calgary is generating a lively spirit as art, artists and performance artists emerge through create! the East Village lofts, in mattress shops, cafes, open studios and Rumble Houses.  It is a very exciting time where art and experience are accessible to all.  I’ve a few photo archives, but I sincerely hope that my Calgary readers will get down to enjoy the show in real time.

From Kensington, I headed to Lynnwood Station, where I enjoyed a glass of wine with a friend and listened to some great Tim Williams music…it was good to end the evening spinning circles into the dance floor!