Old Ideas: World Tour

Leonard Cohen is not a musician who I thought would do well on ‘the big stage’.  I couldn’t understand why he wouldn’t be performing at the Jubilee Auditorium instead of the Scotiabank Saddledome, but I was so blessed by the opportunity to see him, at all, that I didn’t hesitate to purchase tickets early.  In the end, he transformed this huge arena into an intimate place of heart felt music and poetry.  It was one of the exceptional musical moments of my life (and there have been many), especially while flanked by one daughter  and my son.

Cohen was extremely generous, with both the commitment and the emotion behind his concert.  The musicians that backed him up were brilliant and I managed tears through several moments; for the beauty of the music, the memories resonating, and the sense of being a part of a very long history.  I do envy the many generations who have sat in intimate spaces with Leonard and his music, but I’m so very grateful for the experience of his passionate voice filling up such a huge space.

One of the most profound moments for me was when he recited the poem, A Thousand Kisses Deep.

How spectacular is it that an artist, seventy-eight years of age, is able to sing a 31 song set…with such rich and complex lyrics?  Leonard Cohen has been a blessing in my life through his writing and his music.

This afternoon, I found the Book of Mercy in my favourite second hand shop.  Given that the Psalms sooth and comfort me so often, this will be a good read.


The Set List:

First Set