Dust to Dust by Timothy Findley

Dust to Dust: Timothy Findley

I’ve been working my way through the list of titles by Timothy Findley.  So far, there has not been a disappointment!  I picked up this collection of short stories, Dust to Dust, some time ago at my favourite second hand store and completed it last week.  I have noticed that other people are similarly becoming very enthusiastic Findley-readers.  I enjoyed this collection of short stories for the same reason that I enjoy the bathers by Edgar Degas.  The reader, like the viewer of the Bathers , becomes witness to situations that are typically very intimate and very private.  In the case of these short stories, they all deal with the complexity of death in very different circumstances and while I am not a short story fan, these further inform Findley’s style and interests.

Somehow, the painting soothed him. It verified his fears. But it also informed him that fear was wonderful.
Timothy Findley

Seated Bather Drying Herself 1895