Some Flowers Return Home: Paintings


Spring Bouquet


It’s a nice feeling when I have paintings return to the studio.  These two have been gone for a while and have just come back. I had lent these out for a while because I was short on storage. The subject was a spring bouquet I had received several years ago and I painted four large pieces at the time.

Blue Background 2

My Mother’s Hands: August 23, 2011

Max and Gramma shared some moments and quite frankly I couldn’t choose which one of these, so I’m including a few.  There is such a tender exchange between my mother and babies and my mother and dogs.  Tears well up in me when I think of those moments.

Soft Light and Tender Touch


Turning Toward Gramma




I Will Carry Your Love With Me

My Mother’s Hands: August 21, 2011

It saddens me that I wasn’t able to bring my mother back to Prince Edward Island.  Tonight I shared a small bit of PEI sand with her though…it still felt cool to both of us and  it still smelled remotely of the ocean.  I was touched by the experience.  I love my Mom so much.

Beach Sand