Please Share Your Photos of Your ART HEARTS WITH ME! Gorilla House LIVE ART

If you have been tucking your art hearts away somewhere, please share your photo with me and I will post it on this blog post!  If you haven’t been to the Gorilla Battles, it’s time for you to start your own collection of hearts! ;0)

I have a part of my collection on my Haitian chicken sculpture.

Belinda’s Art Hearts: Photo Credit Belinda Fireman

Melissa’s art hearts: Photo Credit Melissa Centofanti

Marceline’s Art Hearts on her dash.

Debbie’s Art Hearts on her Phone.

Baby’s Art Heart…due to meet all gorillas any day now.

Morgan’s Art Hearts on leather. And the eye???

Rinse Room Art Heart

Bathroom Mirror Art Hearts

Play Me Art Heart

Some of Shauna’s art hearts!

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