Two Voices: Mr. Finds His Mrs.

Life for two small birds in a Bridge Street back yard.

The struggle of two small birds in a Bridge Street back yard.

In June, I wrote a post (One Voice) about an elusive bird that was calling out repetitively, seeking out its mate.  I thought there was no hope for this spritely male, after weeks of June crooning.  This post is a record of a partnership.  What my readers will hear is a defensive chatter as both birds try desperately to ward off ‘the enemy’.  Bridge Street is inundated with black birds and squirrels.  I don’t know how many small birds actually fend off such a huge number of predators.  This nest was abandoned a short two days later and at the time of this recording, I had already heard the hungry chirps of hatchlings, their demise, unknown.

Stories Left in Snow

What made these tracks?

All sorts of stories might be captured in the crusty snow of the front yard.  While I have not been witness to much of this activity, I can ‘suppose’ what has been going on.  I DO know for fact that the behaviour at the bird feeder has changed since I have attached a seed capture tray to the tube feeder.  The sparrows are totally annoyed, landing in the same bushes and branches and ranting wildly.  They are just not able to approach for some reason…they try, but the attached plastic wires on four corners seem to have them baffled.  Funny enough, the chickadees are celebrating this stall on the sparrows’ behaviour and are regular feeders now.  I hope that I have not created a problem for the sparrows’ survival this winter (Have I?), but the seed accumulating on the snow was creating great mouse activity every time the temperatures would warm up even slightly.  I added the trays out of necessity and likely should have done this earlier.

A close-up...don't think they are mice because I have had mice at the back.

😦 I've lost another sparrow.

I will spare my readers the photograph I’ve taken of ‘sign’ left by an animal that I don’t recognize.  I asked one of my readers if they thought it would be inappropriate to post that and they adamantly replied, “Yes!  It would be so inappropriate!!” Hmmm…

Lot's of bunnies curling up in the bushes and under the tree at night.

 I think that winter is a ‘magical’ season, for so many reasons!  I am in awe of animal life and how they survive sometimes brutal conditions.  Just today, I read this story.

Front Yard Visitors

Flea Bag


Now that the sparrows are actively feeding at the tube feeder at the front, there are other visitors.  This squirrel will be a ‘regular’ as he/she was here yesterday and then again this morning.  Good to note that he can’t access seed directly from the tube feeder, but waits for bits to be scattered on the ground!  With the squirrel, seems to come a magpie.  So on-and-off again yesterday, there was some squawking given by that big guy.

Image by Chris Bates

Most wonderful for me this morning was the visit from a small woodpecker.  The image above was taken by Chris Bates and this is what my little guy looked like. I’ve accessed my birder book and I’m still a bit uncertain, but I’m thinking he was a Downy Woodpecker, small, with black and white markings and a flash of red on his head.  He stayed for almost fifteen minutes, but because I wasn’t prepared for him, I likely didn’t make note of the necessary details to make an accurate identification. Awesome to have new visitors!

No getting rid of this guy! He's a lifer.