Where Are You Grace Buzik?

Of course I did a very quick search for Grace Buzik, after I found her name plate inside of this most amazing birding book, Stalking Birds With Color Camera by Arthur A. Allen.  It seems to me that she has been an illustrator, living in Calgary.  I am going to have to follow up with this search by reading the books that she has illustrated: The Prairie Gardener’s Book of Bugs by Ruth Staal & Nora Bryan Illustrated by: Grace Buzik; a beautiful Mountain Journal,  and Best Bulbs for the Prairies by Liesbeth Leatherbarrow, Lesley Reynolds, Grace Buzik (Illustrations).

I think that it’s an interesting thing that I should pick up a beautiful birding book that was once owned by an illustrator. ‘Serendipity’, some would say…

Where are you, Cayley Hanrahan?

I traveled by LRT to the Central Public Library yesterday at lunch.  I felt rushed and scattered and it was windy-cold.  I fiddled in my purse to gather up the 2.75 for my fare…of course, just missed a train…waited for the next.  I don’t like riding sideways or backwards…it always gives me a discomforting sense of going the wrong way…but, the only seats free were sideways.  I had glanced quickly at an event flyer (I’m always looking at freebees around the city) when I noted On Common Ground: Conversations About Our City, featuring A Matter of Trust…all that really stayed with me was a 1:30 time slot and the fact that George Webber was one of the four panelists including Louise Gallagher, Max Cielsielski and Rosemary Griebel.  I’ve always wished to meet George Webber!

When I arrived, I found that I was a day early!  “CRIPES!”, as my mother would have said, in the day.  She doesn’t say such things anymore.  To make the best of the trip down to the core, I went down to the Edward Burtynsky exhibit instead…and as you can likely tell from the number of posts that have been pouring out of my finger tips, as a result, the change of event was certainly no loss!

Well, upon leaving the Public Library and heading into the cold unsheltered wind of downtown, I pulled into Insomnia (if you DO click on the Insomnia link that I am handing you here, please don’t judge them that they misspelled the word, ‘happening’, the young folk really DO treat you well there!) for a sandwich-to-go.  I told the boys, while ordering, “The day hasn’t been going all that well, so, heap that sandwich with good stuff, please…lettuce and whatever you can find in that fridge of yours.”  Mmmmm….even the bread was grainy and healthy-tasting.  I was so grateful, because I hadn’t eaten a thing all day, to that point.

I stopped to enjoy the three skaters who were doing figures on the Olympic Plaza skating rink, while munching.  Then, I moved on to the Famous Five where I enjoyed the fact that someone had tied a coral coloured winter scarf around one of the lady’s necks.  On I went to the Glenbow, consuming the last of the sandwich  and feeling very satisfied.  I recognized a young man who was standing near the entrance to the Glenbow.  Had I seen him on a social media site?  Did I know him in person?  He seemed so familiar to me.  In moments, I realized that it was Tyler Stalman, a photographer who had worked with my daughter on a couple of previous occasions.  Wasn’t she supposed to be filming something out and about with Tyler this weekend?  Looking to the left, I saw my daughter!  Cayley?  We gave one another hugs and then I formally met Tyler and the producer, Peter.  I hope that Tyler won’t mind if I take liberties in posting one of his photographs here.  Exceptional subject…exceptional photograph!  Serendipity at the meeting of a Mom and Daughter who love one another!

Cayley Hanrahan, as photographed by Tyler Stalman, Calgary, February 24, 2012, the day before the Calgary Public Art Panel Discussion

Thank you, Harry Somers and Barbara Chilcott!

Harry Somers: Composer 1925-1999

Joseph Campbell: The Mythic Image

Yesterday I wrote of the serendipitous moment…the connection with and collection of a stack of books, books of the sort that God seemed to pass to me for safe keeping.  Well, the story doesn’t end there because through correspondence with the generous person who was the keeper of the collection, I learned that they were the treasures of the composer, Harry Somers and the thespian, Barbara Chilcott.  I have since read about their accomplishments in the fine arts, both nationally and internationally and have sat here at the computer, listening to many compositions performed that were written by Harry Somers.  I feel as though I have been introduced to two human beings who have given a lifetime to expressing the human spirit through their work.  The ‘stuff of life’ is so very remarkable!  Thank you, Harry Somers and Barbara Chilcott and thank you, Joy!

Barbara Chilcott: 1962

Larousse Enclopedia of Mythology

Feller From Fortune composed by Harry Somers.

Barbara Chilcott played the part of Mrs. Tannenbaum in Lies My Father Told Me.