I went to the mailbox after a day of guest-teaching in a junior high social studies classroom and found Hollee’s card.  She wrote to me about finding a card that I had sent to her.  It was waiting in her mailbox, among a stack of bills… “personal mail amongst the bills is a gift”,  she wrote.  And today, I feel the same.  I am looking down, this very moment, at Tom Thomson’s Byng Inlet, Georgian Bay (1914-1915) and I am happy for this correspondence!  As I sat down to write about writing…I picked a few of my favourite cards/notes off of my book shelf to include them in this photograph.   I will treasure these always…and there are many others tucked away for safe keeping.  After a time, some folk toss out their correspondence…as you might guess, I don’t do this easily.  I enjoy, as much, the sentiment or the intention of the note, as the medium for that message.  I am grateful for all correspondence.

Letters from Temuco, Chile

I frame correspondence, display it and finally, I file it in my Significant Others archives.  The letters and cards from my friends and family over so many years, is a narrative about our life journeys…the story of faith, support and friendship.  I do not take your choice to send me a note, lightly.  I honour that choice, always!

A Homemade Card to Celebrate the Birth of My First Born, 31 Years Ago

Lasting Friendship

Garden: Lilies

Mary's Lily

When I taught him in Grade 7, Leslie Champ gave me a small lily plant in a small pot.  That summer I planted the wee thing in my garden.  I’ve moved that plant three different times, because I wouldn’t think to leave it behind.  Now, it is massive and beautiful! Every summer, I think of my students because Leslie gave me that lily.

The plant featured in this photograph, the one yet to bloom, was given to me for my 51st birthday.  It is a gorgeous white and pink, Asiatic variety.  I will post photos later in the season, as the plant blooms.  Lilies are early bloomers and really add colour to the garden.  I think of the kindness of a student and a friend when I look at the lilies in my garden!

Leslie Champ's Lilies