I DID Make A Peter Mason Smile!

I continue to keep ALL of my readers updated on the search for the photographer, P. Mason of the two Polar Bears, shot in 1989.   I will spare you the image.  Or should I?  I heard back from another Peter Mason.

Hi Kathleen,  I do get some random queries from time to time, but this did make me smile. Sorry no its not me. There are a few p mason photographers (one in LA, owns petermason.com) but 1989 was a while ago i guess.

Good luck.

Peter Mason Photography Ltd
Skype: PeterMasonphotography
Mobile : 07774 496414
On 11 Jan 2012, at 02:14, Kathleen wrote:
This is very random, I know!  But, have you ever photographed polar bears?  I have come upon a photograph signed P. Mason 1989 and I’m trying to track down the artist.  Thanks for your help…beautiful work on your site!  Kathleen
I decided to continue to publish the image and the dated signature, in the hopes that someone might recognize their work, even if, as Peter Mason states,  1989 is a long time ago!  To create a bit of variety, I’ve decided to format the photograph differently.


It Was a Lifetime of Waiting

The story
began in the middle.
In other words, the middle
was its beginning.
And there you were waiting for me
in the rain, a soldier.

You leaned against a grey wall
, red carnations resting in your
arms, like a garland. To say th
at I felt love would perhaps be
sentimental, so I didn’t say, “I
love you”. I had to think about
my words even with them sticking in my head.

I said, instead, “I often thought of you.”

You were a magnet.
I was pulled toward you
where tears and
raindrops mingled, warm
on a summer’s day.
Up on a hill,
looking down on our meeting,
St. Mary’s, in her beauty.

That moment was pinnacle.
It was a prayer.
I will not forget the taste of
salt water on my lips.