Discoveries: Art, Photography and Culture

Thank you so much, to the Urban Hippie for sharing her experience of visiting Ava Avione.   I really enjoyed the freedom of her creation of images, space and paint!  I am so captivated by the lush and varied application of paint and also very interested in the elements of culture, history and art that influence these approaches!  An awesome post, Lauren!

Beach Day: Cavendish

Sunshine at 6:30 this morning…so the laundry got out on the line early!

A Line Full of Clothes in PEI

I spent the early afternoon picking up wee pebbles off of Cavendish beach…a heavenly place to be saying my good-byes to PEI and taking in the sunshine.  I came home and looked at my photographs, but didn’t feel as though I captured the seascape at all…would have been so much better in juicy oil paint…the atmosphere was so charged with wind, sunshine and water that a photograph just flattens it all out.

East Cavendish Beach, heading toward the White Sands of the West

Presently, A Program in Place to Protect the Dunes (Alliteration!)


Good-bye Pounding Wave of Cavendish Beach!

Thinkin' About the Footprints Prayer While Walking & Pebble-pickin'