For Love of Louis


Yes!  I DID attend a football game.  I wouldn’t do it for just anyone.  Ask my father.  But, I would do it for Louis.


The thing about living in a family rooted in Canada’s military, is that we are intense about our Canadian identity.  We also find ourselves living from east coast to west.  It matters not the distance between us because over the years we have been able to remain connected by heart strings and when we are together, it is pure magic.

Dad and I recently drove to Ottawa and really enjoyed the time, food, love and dogs!  One fun afternoon was spent watching my awesome nephew play a game, his team, the Myers Riders!  GO RIDERS!!

Honestly, I know very little about what was going on, but I did see my nephew pushing through to gain yardage….MOVE THOSE STICKS!  MOVE THOSE STICKS!  He is an intense and smart player, (from what I can tell…you just have to trust my judgment here) and he made his auntie proud!  Yes!  They won the game!  And, YES!  He received the MVP football during the post conference.  YEAH!  I love you, Louis.  This is just a smattering of images from my experience.  I have absolutely no permission to share these, but, heH!  I’m a proud auntie.

Keep an eye on the pink gloves and # 75!  Love this boy for his beautiful heart.  Yes, he is a talented athlete, but foremost for me, is the respectful and kind hearted and caring man that he is becoming!  He’s a great team player.  Love you, Louis.

Here ends, likely, the ONLY sports post that you will ever find on my blog.  I love you, dear family.


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Anita Shreve: The Last Time They Met

I first read Anita Shreve’s work when I picked up Light on Snow.  I would characterize Shreve’s writing as my ‘light’ reading.  Once I’ve finished an expository ‘read’, something historical or biographical, 

Anne Morrow Lindbergh

I like to sit back and take something in that is really narrative. I have enjoyed several of her books, for just this purpose.  Still, Shreve’s writing leaves me wondering about the characters and themes of human intrinsic struggle.  I like them for that.

Last night, I finished the book, The Last Time They Met,  an exploration, I think, of how a single moment can hold such power in a complete life story.  I think that it can be said that there are a number of pivotal moments throughout each person’s life that create reactions, leading ultimately to particular consequences/results.  The ending to this book is surprising and I am left this morning, still wondering about it.