2016 Visiting Al Gerritsen

Today marks the Feast Day of St. Nicholas and I was blessed to share an afternoon in Al Gerritsen’s studio with a friend.  Every time I visit Al, I feel calm and happiness and I take in everything I can; the visual aesthetic, the smell of wood, and the recollections of so many wonderful stories.

My nativity is set up in the front yard, the indoor nativity figures are set out on the table for Advent and it has become a bit of a custom for me to make an annual visit to the woodcarver’s shop, just to enjoy the friendship and the creative energy.

Today, I had the opportunity to hear about Al’s Christmas posters and selected four for my Gerritsen collection.  Each one, unique, and again, with a story all of its own.  I don’t think I’ve ever known such a prolific artist.  This second week of Advent is all about PEACE…and today was certainly that!

Following the visit, a hot cup of peppermint tea and some pretty special ocean vessel talk! Overall, a magical afternoon!

-18 and -30 with windchill, this day brought with it, sun dogs, two eagles circling above the Bow and frozen eyelashes at the pond.  Amazing day!

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Fabric Artists

As I continue my investigation into historical quilting, blocking and notions of working in fabric, I have come upon two female artists who have blown my socks off!  Their work is inspiring, meaningful and important.  I thought that I would publish a couple of links here so that you might read their statements and see some of their work.
The first is Jeanne Williamson.  Her recent work is based in part on the construction fence as it masks the environment.  She uses a variety of techniques including mono print, painting, quilting and stitchery to create the pieces.  Here is a link to an article written about her work.

She is creating a 12 x 12 piece each month…and her recent collection will be called 12 x 12 x 12.  I like this approach to work, given that I am the sort of systematic artist/collector/creator who works section by section as well. I respond also to the notion of environmental impact and the sense that the landscape is evolving as we’ve known it and becoming something different based on the person-made objects/materials/environmental havoc we leave behind.
Jeanne Williamson: Fence

Jeanne Williamson: Fence

The second artist is Linda Gass.  I was so excited to see her work!  She is out of California and as well as dealing with silk painting, quilting and creating fabric objects of ordinary proportions, she has created installation pieces in the landscape.  Her themes deal most significantly with water and water management…and the huge mistakes made in regards to river systems in her home state, California.  I highly recommend that you take a browse on her site if environmental issues are of any interest to you.  She takes us to a Rivulet at Parker Creek, Owen’s River Gorge, Trona Pinnacles and Warm Springs, Death Valley. An excellent ‘read’ and a woman who shares my heart regarding our water usage. Now out to the studio for my morning session!  Will take a coffee break and river-walk break at 11.  Have a beautfiul weekend! Check out Linda Gass here.

Linda Gass Quilted Map