Sun Dazzle

Romp! Run! Go!
Laughing woman and smiling dog,
up to their knees, racing!
Crunching through the snow’s skin,
wind blown and captured in waves;
the weatherman’s story from

Muskrat, perching on pond’s edge,
dark form instantly sliding
into water at the burst
of their movement.
Energy is joy exploding!

Blue sky, stretched canvas
on a white sea of ice.
Yellow-gold grasses etching a circle
around the pond.
The dog following, explores
hiding places.

Sparkle. Dazzle.
Squinting and laughing,
the tears roll down
her cheeks,
light echoed on everything.
She cries
for the beauty of it all.

Autumn Hours: At the Bow River

Rose Hips

 I doddled at the river today.  I thought that cleaning the house was something I could do in the winter.  It was so absolutely important to take in the beauty of the river; the air was intoxicating.  Everything took pause. 

And then, there was an explosion of energy as I threw the stick into the water and shouted, “Get it, Max!”

Pathway Through Tall Thistle

The Texture of Today

I had that sense that I was in the presence of a secret intruder…a coyote? a monster?  that strange ‘thing’ that visits you when you are on your own in nature!

Come on, Mom! Let's get to the river! YIPPEE!

 Once to the river, we find the fishermen and the boats floating smoothly with the current.

I love our home and feel blessed!

 Glorious Days!

Golden Arms

 Miles of river, winding.