Pi/Pie in the Mountains!


I’m sitting down to my keyboard this morning, the Ides of March, writing about March 14, 2018, 3/14…3.14…3.1415926535897932384626433... pi day!

I woke up yesterday morning to, my friend, Michael’s phone call.  The plan was to book off and get some of my chores done, pick up a few groceries and, likely, head to Foothills Hospital to see Wendy. All of that changed with Michael’s suggestion that we might head for the mountains and make some pie!

Well…throw caution to the wind, I did, and with no regrets.  Today, it turns out that we are under yet another snow advisory, with accumulations mounting to another possible 20 cms.  Exhausting!  I’m so happy that we got out there, for delicious food and beautiful sights!

The following video is credited to Michael Collett.  Michael is a talented artist, photographer and designer and he has a wonderful collection of art.  He is an inventive and passionate cook and a connoisseur of good food.  He appreciates nature as much as I do.  Over the past few years he has walked the circle of ‘my pond’, with me, more than anyone and I will always appreciate that.   Sometimes the person who is forever carrying the camera is left undocumented.  I am grateful to Michael for placing me into the event that was the magic of yesterday.




All is Holy! Kath captured by Michael Collett


The shape of Elbow Falls changed with the flood. Celebrating water and views. Photo Credit: Michael Collett


Selfie with one of my dear friends. Photo Credit: Michael Collett


Pot Roast Pie in the makings. Photo Credit and Filling: Michael Collett


Photo Credit: Michael Collett


Pie from the fire to the picnic table. Beat that! Photo Credit: Michael Collett


Contemplation captured by Michael Collett

Michael systematically packed up ‘the stuff’ and we stopped along the way for butter and for ‘ends’ that had been thrown in a bin for firewood at a local timber place.  Off we headed out 22X.  After exploring Elbow Falls, we settled on Allan Bill as our picnic spot.  The butane was out in the lighting torch, so I ventured down to a picnic spot at the other end of the park, to borrow matches or something.  English was not this family’s first language, so after a bit of mime, I was graciously given a lighter for our campfire.  YES!

First I’ll post a few of the scenes that we enjoyed.  Unfortunately, as I look at these, I notice that there was a spot of something on my camera lens. :0(



Next, I’ll post a few of the photos I captured of Michael, enthusiastically forging ahead with the process of making unbelievable pies in the outdoors.  What a great time!



And finally….pi!



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The Pleasures of Beautiful Food: Thank you, Jenny

Mom and Dad used to stop and have a piece of pie at Jenny’s Country Lane Coffee Shoppe & Restaurant.  Dad always mentions the coconut creme, but the day I went along with him, I had my favourite, lemon meringue.  It’s a tough thing, losing the person you love and for countless reasons.  One of the difficult things is returning to the places where you shared your conversations…the places where you shared beautiful food…the places that you, as a couple, shared with friends and family over many years.

One of those places, for my Dad, is Jenny’s.  Located in the lovely town of Stirling, on Mill Street, Jenny’s is occupied by ‘regulars’ and exudes friendliness and good aromas. On that particular day, everything about the experience of having pie at Jenny’s was different because we didn’t have Mom to share it.

North of Belleville, my parents loved sharing the drive to Stirling together.  Honestly, my parents enjoyed sharing ANY drives…and usually they found something entertaining to do before they turned their car around again to head home.

Jenny is busy writing down a wee history for me to include here, so stay posted. I hope that if my readers are out that way, they might stop in.  Jenny’s is open Monday – Sunday 5:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.


Mom used to buy little gifts and spiritual books in this neighbouring shop, Hearts To God

Mom used to buy little gifts and spiritual books in this neighbouring shop, Hearts To God

Stirling Jenny's Country Lane Interior Jenny's Country Lane Pies