Changing the Landscape: One Bag At a Time

March 9, 2012 3:30 p.m. 13 degrees and VERY windy!  Findings: Plastic bags from every business in the surrounding area.  No witnesses to today’s journey, but I got a photo of my springtime footwear, rubber boots.

Necessary Equipment For This Job :0)

Some hockey parents were putting back beers in the parking lot as I left.  They had better darned well pick up their beer cans!

I try to leave out the parts that people skip. Elmore Leonard

The Melt is On!

Changing the Landscape: One Bag At a Time

March 6, 2012 11:00 p.m. Weather -7 degrees, intermittent cloud and sun, after a night of 4″ of snow.

Fresh Snow on March 6

I have to say, I hadn’t thought to go up against the fence, at the far end of the pond.  It took a mere five minutes to fill my bag with plastic bags. So, today’s findings were exclusively plastic bags. I hardly made a dent.

Self Portrait March 6

At this point I am really thinking about inviting others, perhaps students from the highschool, to help me with this project. We met no witnesses to our project today and so I did some wee self portraits as we ended our eighth day at Frank’s Flats.

Max-Man Waits By Our Load

In the meantime, I am enjoying learning a bit about movie maker.  Note that the music fades on the first movie, but not on this one…that’s because I’m learning a single skill at a time and having a blast!

Changing My Own Landscape: A Bag at a Time

February 29, 2012: 11:00 a.m.
Weather -6 degrees and overcast, with a threat of snow.  Mountains looking strangely close.

Such a lovely wetlands area.

Demitri, a sheet metal worker, has only been in Canada for two years and finds the weather very similar to the weather of his own homeland.  He was glad to take our photograph for the archive, while puffing on his cigarette over break. 

Demitri: today's witness to my life.

This is our second day out at the pond, gathering up one bag of discarded and manufactured items. Tim Hortons coffee cups are quickly becoming my nemises, as is building insulation.  I found myself mumbling, about people who gripe about owners who do not pick up dog poop, “What about picking up your own ________?” 

Tim Hortons: Thoughts about social responsibility cross my mind.

Today’s findings: plastic, five Tim Hortons cups with plastic lids, 25 pieces of foam insulation, a cardboard box, many random pieces of plastic (too many to break down), at least 20 bags for candies and treats such as jelly bellies, 20 sandwich bags, two beer cans.

Decision to include a close-up.

Demitri's 'capture' and I ask myself if I am quickly becoming a 'bag lady'.

As I deposited today’s  ‘bag’, I noticed that yesterday’s remained at the bin.

February 29, 2012