How does your garden grow?

I haven’t planted this year yet…but, these are the beauties that have shown up after a very harsh winter.  The Columbine didn’t do so well…although it looks like I’ve quite a bit of re-seeding that’s occurred, so there is Columbine where I didn’t expect it.  I also lost a couple of Oriental Poppies.  Lupines have come up in several new areas and I’m going to let them go.  They are so showy and last so long.

On their first visit to this particular home in the late 1990s, Mom and Dad fashioned my front yard flower bed.  They traveled all the way from Ontario with iris plants from Mom’s garden.  They are still blooming all of these years later.

P1160992Forget-Me-Nots, while sparse, did appear yet again.  I remember painting a diptych while sitting in Mom and Dad’s Frankford garden…an acrylic piece titled “Forget-Me-Not”.


Forget Me Nots, with Coral Bells coming up behind…surrounded with Iris

The rhubarb is ready to be yanked out… strawberries yet to be photographed, but they are in bloom.  I see rhubarb and strawberries on my toast very very soon!


Pansies 2014

Pansies 2014

I’m going with a complementary colour scheme in the garden…yellow and purple…have been moving things about and thinking about this for years.  It’s such a joy to be creative in the garden.

P1160988These succulents really really like the northwest tip of my flower bed…it’s the dry sandy soil that happens there.  I’ve begun to add other succulents for variety.  Good to learn where things thrive.

P1170013These are so easy…and so successful!  Get some!

Lupines begin...I've got the coral and the purple.

Lupines begin…I’ve got the coral and the purple.


Poppies…oriental and other perennial mix.


Very showy shrub thingy…but, I forget what it’s called. Early bloomer.


Filling in under my Catoni Aster with Lily of the Valley…these came from Pat’s garden years ago.



Autumn in the Garden

Angel Wings and Mums, Gaillardia, Echinacea, Brown and Black-Eyed Susans

Determined to enjoy ‘some’ colour in the gardens, having been away all summer, I decided to clean out the bits of remaining summer and add ‘autumn’.  This garden is a tribute to my parents.  I love them so much and in the morning, when I enjoy my coffee, I will look out at these splashes of colour and think of them.

Perennials for the Late Season

Lupins in Full Bloom

Detail: Lupin

June 16, 2011 Back Beds

Every springtime I feel as though a little bit of the East Coast of Canada rests with me in my flower beds.  The amazing rich colours that fill even the ditches of Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and Ontario are so amazing!


Backyard Garden: Columbine

Columbine: Different Varieties

Given that I am a hiker, I have always enjoyed my early spring hikes with the Hiking YA-YAs.  We have one sister-friend who is particularly good at spotting and identifying a myriad of wild flowers.  The Many Springs hike is usually our first every year and out on the trail, we have seen wild columbine growing.  That’s what got me hooked into planting one bed exclusively with columbine, all varieties and sizes.  This is a fairly new notion and I’ve only had two seasons sorting this one out, but so far, I’m happy with the result. Maturity comes with much patience…whether you are a person or a flower!

Many Springs Trail Map

I have to apologize that my photos are not very professional looking. ;0)


Wild-flower gazing!


Val and Me: High Water!


I love the springtime for the wee little sprouts of things!  I love working in the soil, using my bare hands to break apart the cool clumps of earth! I often think that I was intended to be solely a planter, but find that at the very least, this small garden plot brings me closer to my own spiritual roots.  For the most part, I plant perennials and have selected them so that no matter what time of season, there is colour and typically there are contrasts…just like my paintings…yellow set out against violet…orange against blue.

For now, there is the simplicity of evening sun setting over turned soil, a rich warm colour in the light.  Last year I turned bags of manure in and this weekend I will turn in a bag of Peat Moss.

Placed in the garden, are some ceramic tiles created by my youngest daughter while she studied at Art College.  I love to intersperse sculpture with garden spaces, and I want to develop more of that over the years as I create a personal landscape.

Down at the ‘big house’ I had many beds to plant…in fact, I have planted, no matter my circumstance. Another rite of spring that I will observe this weekend is to locate my first crocus of the season…something that is very special to me.

It IS officially my firstborn’s birthday and so it is only appropriate that I should write a garden entry in celebration of her life! Happy Birthday, my beautiful daughter!

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