Sharing a Garden Walk With Mom and Dad

My parents have everything to do with my love for gardening. While I’ve only ever had a very small back yard, I make an effort to create beauty there every summer, in part because of the passion that my Mom and Dad inspired.  They are so far away that it is impossible to share the changing colour and new blooms, the fruits of my labour.   In fact it was via skype that my father informed me that I need to transplant those little strawberry trailers back into the garden.  I’ll do that today!  I love you, Mom and Dad.  Enjoy the walk with me this morning through my little garden.

Peonies: Ready to Bloom


Peonies like ants…ants help them along with pollination and such!  I feel as though the ants are WINNING in my garden.  I’m always looking for a natural solution to minimizing their huge impact on things!  Some day, ants will provide us with nourishment…I just know that insects are doing very well on our planet these days.

Back to Peonies…early bloomers…thick, amazing blooms…so heavy, that they bow their heads down.  Mine is a healthy and fairly young plant.