What I Do When I’m Not Searching For P. Mason OR Writing About Searching For Him

I came home from a day of teaching grade eight social studies (Yes…sometimes I am a guest teacher!  Yesterday I watched, four times over, a late 90s film on Latitude and Longitude.  I feel now that I’ve learned a lot that I hadn’t previously learned in my own schooling.  I often feel that way about teaching.  I’m going to have to remember to ask my brother who is in the Canadian Navy more about a sextant though.  In fact, I’d like to hold a sextant in my hands because then I truly think it will make more sense.  I’m amazed really, thinking about the early nautical travelers, setting out onto the ocean, not REALLY able to sort out where they were.  Huge risk, I say!  But…this has been a digression, yet again!) 

When I arrived home from teaching yesterday, my entire front yard was covered in a fresh blanket of snow.  Clearly, there was a footprint-story to be told in the crisp white surface.  There were no people-prints adjacent, so I excluded the possibility of these being those of a domesticated canine; however,  I am open to the possibility that they were left by a run-away dog. James R. Page does a far more professional job of taking photos of tracks in winter-snow!  I noticed that the footprints circled the place where my birdfeeder used to lose much seed to the ground. (The seed does not fall to the ground here anymore because I have attached a beautiful tray so as to not attract predators.  Now,  the birds do not even feed here anymore!  I jest…there are two neighbourhood chickadees and a couple of finches that are brave enough to tackle the new physical dynamic.   The sparrows line the branches of my front-yard tree and look down, longingly, at the mother-load.)

The footprints.  I have left the autumn vegetation in my gardens as protective structure for the jack rabbits that hang about all winter.  It may be that my visitor to the front yard was looking for sustenance (bunny) on the wintry day.  So, here are my suspicions.  I think that Wiley is still out there!  Yes, our neighbourhood has its own coyote, a male that comes up from the Fish Creek and hangs out in our neighbourhood park.  Recently, I believed that we had lost Wiley.  He has, at least three times, stalked Max and I back to my front doorstep.  In fact, one morning at about 4:00 a.m. Max made a huge commotion and charged up the stairs to the front window.  I followed, alarmed.  There, on my front doorstep, was Wiley, munching enthusiastically into some sort of flesh.  At Max’s reaction, the coyote, nonchalantly, made his way down the street, with ears and body of his prey dangling out of either side of his face.  The last time I made a visual siting though, Wiley was sporting some sort of facial wound.  He looked emaciated and generally, not well.  It’s been a couple of months and still, no Wiley.  Until yesterday?

I DID Make A Peter Mason Smile!

I continue to keep ALL of my readers updated on the search for the photographer, P. Mason of the two Polar Bears, shot in 1989.   I will spare you the image.  Or should I?  I heard back from another Peter Mason.

Hi Kathleen,  I do get some random queries from time to time, but this did make me smile. Sorry no its not me. There are a few p mason photographers (one in LA, owns petermason.com) but 1989 was a while ago i guess.

Good luck.

Peter Mason Photography Ltd
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On 11 Jan 2012, at 02:14, Kathleen wrote:
This is very random, I know!  But, have you ever photographed polar bears?  I have come upon a photograph signed P. Mason 1989 and I’m trying to track down the artist.  Thanks for your help…beautiful work on your site!  Kathleen
I decided to continue to publish the image and the dated signature, in the hopes that someone might recognize their work, even if, as Peter Mason states,  1989 is a long time ago!  To create a bit of variety, I’ve decided to format the photograph differently.

What Rea Wrote

Rea wrote: “You should add a paragraph of P names so if P Mason Googles himself he might find this post… You can also hide the text I bet or colour it white if you don’t want a big long obvious list of names on your blog. Good luck with the search! “

I think this is a great idea.  In fact, it’s crossed my mind.  The reason it crossed my mind, of course, was because I wondered if doing a google search for a P. Mason would be adequate.  So…I am going to include some possibilities here and then perhaps someone will hit upon this entry when searching for their own name.  (Come on now.  I know you’ve done it!)  Who’s to say that P. Mason is male?  I immediately made the assumption that because of the content and the approach, this was a MAN’S photograph.  Not necessarily.  It made sense that I began with P. and then Peter.  Actually, I began with P. Mason and the word photography….then, expanded to Peter. 

I don’t believe it to be Paul Mason’s work.  There is a little snow in Peter Mason’s portfolio! It struck me that Peter Mason, the photographer (another one), was achieving an entirely different style from this…am I wrong? 

Peter Mason
Pierre Mason
Paul Mason
hmmm…apart from the word, PESTO, nothing is coming to mind right now…
Paula Mason
Patricia Mason
Percival Mason
Pete Mason (oh dear, I’m back to that again…)  I’m wondering why Rea would suggest that I hide a long list on my blog?  White?  OH!  I know!  Did she make this suggestion because likely this is the most ridiculous series of posts I’ve ever written!?  Could it be?  I think I’m onto something!  It feels much like a series of “Where’s Waldo?”  It matters not!  I’m having fun!

To offer up a context for this madness, I’m waiting for potatoes to boil.  Suggestions would be welcome.  P. Mason, I adore this photograph…but won’t use it as a reference for a painting until or unless I find you!  And…I know that my HUGE following is wondering, “Where are you, Rea?”

Post Script:
Phillip Mason
Philip Mason (the potatoes are soft now…off to eat a late dinner!)

It seems that I am looking for the OTHER P. Mason!

In reference to Where are you, P. Mason? I have this to say about that.

I received a lovely e mail from Peter Mason, the researcher/writer/expert on tourist codes of conduct in the Arctic and sub-Arctic regions.  In fact, he did NOT snap the photograph that I own and is signed and dated, P. Mason, 1989.   THIS P. Mason was generous to even correspond with a Canadian artist-chick about this photograph and I am very appreciative.  So, the bear-photographer hunt continues!  If you recognize these two wrestling bears and your name is P. Mason, I would really enjoy hearing from you!  Thank you, Peter, and you have my best wishes as we adventure into 2012!  I have much respect for your life’s work!

Here they are AGAIN, readers!

Hi Katleen,
Thanks very much for your message and I have now looked at your very interesting blog and also can now see the polar bear photos.  However I am going to disappoint you by letting you know that I did not take the photos.   Strangely enough I was in Canada at the time of the photos, but did not really start researching Arctic tourism issues until the 1990s.    This does mean, however, that I am the author of the articles that you have referred to. 

So, apologies for not being in a position to give your permission to use the photos, as they are not mine!

Best wishes,


Hello Peter!
I paint endangered species…came upon this photograph in a second hand shop…I treasure it regardless, but, will treasure it more if I find that it was taken by the gent who wrote about and studied tourism in the developing north. :0)  Thank you for communicating through your other e mail.  I need your permission to use this as a reference for a painting I want to do and Peter, if you have any other references that I might paint from, I would be so appreciative.  Kathleen

Where are you, P. Mason?

A few days ago, I was looking for P. Jules…today, I’m looking for P. Mason.  My cousin is doing these remarkable collage pieces recently and framing them with finds from the same second-hand shops that I peruse so frequently.  She knows that I am investigating wildlife and so when one of her frames contained what looked like a poor quality image of two polar bears, she agreed to give it to me.  It turns out that it is a hand-signed photograph by P. Mason on very good quality photo paper, dated 1989.  So, of course, given the clues, I began to look for P. Mason.  I love this photograph and will use it as a reference for a painting…but won’t use it for collage-purposes, my earlier intention.

When I begin research like this, I have the name and the time frame and easily here, I have a location.  The person I believe was behind this camera was a gentleman who wrote codes of conduct for tourism to the extreme northern and southern communities.  His work is sited throughout A Review of Tourism Research in the Polar Regions by E.J. Stewart, D. Draper and M.E. Johnston…a publication written in 2005.  It is an amazing and revealing piece of work! And here lies the possible connection; this document was published by the Department of Geography at the University of Calgary.  So, somehow this photograph of two polar bears may have left the hands of someone connected to this study…my guess.  I’m unable to find P. Mason today.  Where are you, P. Mason?

Just some of what P. Mason published…and there is so much more!  This was P. Mason’s BLISS!  And, evidently, research is mine!  Just this morning, I wrote an e mail to see if this is Peter Mason, the photographer.