Many Springs: Discovering Wildflowers…Again!

Yellow Lady Slipper Orchid

The hiking Ya-Yas and two wee sprouts headed for the Bow Valley Provincial Park Trail System today for our annual spring wildflower hike on the Many Springs Trail.

“The ‘Many Springs’ trail head is located about 2 km west following the paved road that goes through the park. This is a 2.4 km loop around a spring fed lake. This trail is known for its abundance in spectacular flowers.”

“This is also an area known for its diversity of birds. At Waypoint #1, a spectacular view opens toward the north, revealing Mount Yamnuska, Loder Peak and Door Jamb Mountain.”

Anenome canadensis ‘Canada Anenome’, Buttercup Family

“At various points, the trail is going directly over the lake allowing for close study of life in the water below.”


It was an exceptional day for snapping photographs.

Wild Columbine

The weather co-operated nicely and things seemed to be well into bloom, particularly the wild tiger lilies!

Wild Tiger Lily

We enjoyed a picnic lunch at the trail head and celebrated the tradition of flower-gazing as a group.  It has been such a blessing!

I like the brief quote that appears on the last sign on the trail. “Not many are as lucky…to break from the round of daily chores to come and discover this place called Many Springs.”

Viola Canadensis ‘Western Canada Violet’, Violet Family,

I am not including here, my photos of Indian Paintbrush, Wild Flax and other common flowers from the area.  It was such a joy to find some unusual things and to have the time to try to capture a decent record of them.

Lonicera dioica, Twining Honeysuckle

Out-of-focus, but an intriguing find.  Help me identify this one!

No idea…but this was one of my favourites!

Then there was the wee bush bunny, the conversations and the friendship!  All made for a most amazing day!

Little Miracle

Here’s to another springtime of Many Springs.


A good movie is the movie, Adaptation.  Now….it wouldn’t be something you would watch as a way of being entertained, that’s for certain!  But if you like movies that are thought-provoking and take you out of yourself and then back into your head, then this is a movie for you.  Did you see Waking Life?  This would be another one of those.  There are lessons/ideas/concepts to be thought about.  I suppose you would have to be in the right mood…and probably alone…something many people have a difficult time achieving in today’s world.
There are books that are just like that….some that appear on my “Darned Good Books List”.  Try pressing click on some of the titles as you will be led through an adventure of things that I wonder and marvel about.

Bee Kingdom Book Shelf

Years ago I taught an art student…Tim Belliveau.  I also taught his sister some years prior to that and her name is Elizabeth.  She is busy making art in Canada…creating children’s books, animated films and amazing mixed media sculpture.  Tim blows glass.  I have attached one of his orchid sculptures to this blog somewhere.  See if you can find it.  As well, I have made his website available as he has opened an artist’s collective….and is hosting an open house at their studio this weekend.  A portion of his work has been influenced by the orchid and I am absolutely in love with these pieces!

Tim Belliveau: Bee Kingdom/Berlin Glas