David & John & Oeno’s Outdoor Sculpture Garden

This was just the best place to be on a sunny Ontario day!

I was so caught up by the experience that I could not possibly take photographs…I just entered the dance so-to-speak, delighting in the various forms that were beautifully displayed in the landscape.  I couldn’t help but take pause and record a few that spoke most to me on this particular walk with David and John.

The Man With Child’s Bow and Arrow was created by Nicholas Crombach.

Tangle Wood was created by Shayne Dark.

The Pine Cone was created by Floyd Elzinga.


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David & John & the Oeno Gallery

At Huff Estates a person can enjoy the experience of the winery combined with the intrigue of an amazing gallery, intriguing because a large portion of their art is exhibited in a sculpture garden.  There are so many surprises along the way! On this particular day, with David and John, we could not have asked for more stunning weather.  The sky was brilliant blue.

We began with the indoor Oeno exhibit.  Several different gallery artists exhibited around the theme When the Bough Breaks: Re-imagining the Tree


Floyd Elzinga and Catherine Vamvakas Lay

Floyd Elzinga (cone) and Catherine Vamvakas Lay

Locating artist name...stay tuned.

Three Sisters by John Paul Robinson

Catherine Vamvakas Lay

Catherine Vamvakas Lay

From the Oeno biographies…

Within Christian iconography, especially in the early centuries, pomegranates were used to represent Christ and the Church. Within her work Vamvakas Lay evocatively and gracefully allows the past to illuminate the present, creating not shadows of doubt but richness of vision.    -Virginia Eichhorn



Melissa Doherty: Oil on Canvas

Melissa Doherty: Oil on Canvas

Peter Hoffer: Mixed Media

Peter Hoffer: Mixed Media

To learn more about the Oeno Gallery, please visit their website here.