Sun Dazzle

Romp! Run! Go!
Laughing woman and smiling dog,
up to their knees, racing!
Crunching through the snow’s skin,
wind blown and captured in waves;
the weatherman’s story from

Muskrat, perching on pond’s edge,
dark form instantly sliding
into water at the burst
of their movement.
Energy is joy exploding!

Blue sky, stretched canvas
on a white sea of ice.
Yellow-gold grasses etching a circle
around the pond.
The dog following, explores
hiding places.

Sparkle. Dazzle.
Squinting and laughing,
the tears roll down
her cheeks,
light echoed on everything.
She cries
for the beauty of it all.

What’s Up at the River?

There has been so much ‘magic’ at the river this past week, and even lessons taught.  But of all of the moments, there is one that really needs to be recorded here.  As Max and I had turned around…having walked the full extent of the northerly pathway, we were moving closer and closer to the river’s edge.  The sun was going down…nothing was clearly defined and there were few people and their dogs out anymore. There was a real nip to the air.  I stood still for a minute, looking at the dark water to my left.

From the tall elm just at my side, a sudden burst of motion…and then a bird with a wingspan of at least seven feet swooshed down and across the water, alighting on the branch of a tree on the other side,  I stood there captivated…and the owl’s eyes stared out at me.  Max sat at my side and we, all three, remained motionless and amazed.

Just as suddenly, and with as much gracefulness and mystery, the owl then swooped back and into the tree directly beside us.  His head moved as only owl’s heads can do and the giant bird gave us quite a show. I felt  goose bumps travel up my arms as I felt this moment  to be a gift for only me…and finally, whispering ‘good night’, Max and I set out for home.