Sweeney Todd

Photo Published by CBC

To begin with, I received a belated birthday gift from a very good friend of mine and along with another dear friend of ours, we attended the very dark, but spectacular Calgary performance of Sweeney Todd at Vertigo Theater.  And, YES!  It does cause me to think about pies differently!  Sweeney Todd is one of those performances that truly draws out the ‘weird’ in people.  I was almost surprised at myself when, at the scene of each murdered character, I would laugh out loud as their bodies slipped down the shoot and into the bakery.   There must be a very dark side to all of us.  The writing and score…the acting…all of it, fantastic.  A most enjoyable night!  Thank you, Mary.  The photograph was published here, and captures actors Kevin Aichele & Elizabeth Stepkowski Tarhan.