Birth Days and Mother’s Days

I was born on Mother’s Day in 1955.  This May, I’ve thought often and hard about my mother who has struggled the past few years with Alzheimer’s disease.  I thought about Mom on my birthday.  And I thought about her again on Mother’s Day…and I’ve thought about her pretty much every day since I left her bedside last month.

Christmas St. SylvestreI want to thank those of you who brightened my days with your love, your wishes, your prayers and your cards.  It has been another year filled with blessings as numerous as challenges.  I am grateful for all of it.  I am grateful for you.



First Crocus of the Year

It is such a celebration when, finally, the crocuses are blooming on the ridge.  I once painted a Mother series around the crocus because each spring they reminded me of my own mother, their softness, fragility and beauty.  The crocus is so ephemeral and yet such a powerful symbol of new life.  Although it’s really not an environmentally sound ritual, I also picked and pressed a single bloom as a rite of spring each year, for many years. Here are three of those spring times captured in a frame.

P1100915This year, I’ve broken with that rite of spring and have left my bloom to be admired and then to lose it’s petals, go to seed and bloom again next spring.  I will remember and cherish that I was graced by its beauty.  Life experiences have taught me that to admire and engage a life, however fleeting, is enough.


Erin’s Card

I learned that I was pregnant with Erin and Lorraine took my photograph. This was before the day of ultrasound photographs! Trust me…my small seahorse is floating in a primal tide!

Recently my daughter and her husband went to London on vacation.  This meant that she was away for Mother’s Day.


It was only yesterday that I discovered her card, tucked away in a drawer in the sideboard.  These are the wee surprises in life that make it so magical.  If our lives are marked by such surprises, then we are truly blessed.

There have been many struggles, as much as celebrations in our lives.  But still, there were the hours of reading Dr. Seuss books and rolling play dough together. 

There were costumes to find and create.  There were cookies to bake.  There was dancing in the living room.  When I found this card, I remembered.