Changing the Landscape: A Bag at a Time…A Failed Experiment?

With the recent publication of the official trailer for Midway,  I got to feeling angry about the neglect that humanity holds for such a wondrous planet!

I reflected back on my stewardship project of last year…and my hopes that three things would happen, if I chose to pick up a full to over flowing bag of litter every single day.  I thought that if people had a clean space for recreation, it might do three things.

1. It might cause other people, by providing an exemplar, to stoop down and pick up litter.

2. It may cause a shift in thinking, where people wished to maintain a clean environment because it caused some a sort of peacefulness or well being.

3.  It may cause neighbouring businesses to create stewardship opportunities and initiatives, as a way of building up community.

This is the status of Frank’s Flats today.  Soon, the water birds will be returning to nest and this is what they will find.