Changing the Landscape: One Bag At a Time

March 26, 2012 5:30 p.m. -3 degrees The sky looked white and threatening…off-and-on snowflakes of the large wet variety.  I focused on one small section edging on the pond today, picking up litter that had since flown into previously cleaned areas, along the way.  I made a mere dent, but in the larger picture, things were looking better.

Here, a close-up of Max’s paw as he raised it for my wiping, upon entering the house.  He charges after the multitudes of ground squirrels that peek their heads out and then nose dive once they see him coming.  This reminds me of Chevy Chase and Ground Hog Day.  He routinely starts pawing at one of their escape routes and I can’t help but get a big laugh at the whole event!

Workin’ Dog!

Where are you, Marie Delorme? Thinking about a photograph!

Container Ports #10, Delta Port, Vancouver, British Columbia Photographer: Edward Burtynsky

As I continue to look back upon the Glenbow exhibit, Encounters,  I am very much intrigued by the people who were guest curators and their approach to selecting a single photograph by Edward Burtynsky for the exhibit.  Marie Delorme is the CEO for the Imagination Group and is a mentor to many, it seems, in every aspect of her life.  I was moved by the narrative that was exhibited alongside her selection of Container Ports #110, Delta Port, Vancouver, British Columbia.  The gist of Marie’s narrative is that manufacturing and consumerism pulls humankind away from our connection with nature.  I can’t agree more.  I agree that there has to be some reconciliation happen between humanity’s need to consume…and its ability to protect the planet, all at the same time.  This can no longer be a matter of (P)olitics and/or polarized views…somehow we have to come more to a middle in our understanding of the issues.  Thank you for your selection, Marie Delorme and best wishes on your journey!

As you view the Burtynsky photograph,  there is a pathway.  Where does it lead?