Not All Music

Grief is tough.  In early July, the cement balconies and brick mortar required maintenance on the building.  If you haven’t read it, pick up The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster.  During this brief period of time, Juster’s chapters on Dischord and Dynne came to mind…more than once.

In the analysis of Chapters 12 and 13,

In the Valley of Sound, Juster ties Milo’s lesson on perspective from Dischord and Dynne to the larger theme of appreciating everyday life. Just as Milo fails to appreciate the beauty of noises, the doctor and his sidekick are unable to appreciate the nicer sounds. When he reaches the Valley of Sound, Milo learns what happens when too many people take Dr. Dischord’s perspective. Just like Milo and Dischord, the residents of this valley have an unbalanced appreciation of sounds—they seem to prefer one kind to the extreme. As Milo learns, the residents of the valley became so unable to appreciate beautiful sounds that the Soundkeeper takes them away along with all the noises as well. Notice the plot similarity here with the city of Reality, whose city disappeared because they failed to appreciate it. It seems that what people take for granted in the Lands Beyond disappears.

At the Soundkeeper’s fortress, Milo learns about sounds in much the same way he learned about words in Dictionopolis. Sounds become tangible just like words at the Royal Banquet or in the word market. When he is actually able to see sounds in their “true” forms and the elaborate catalogue system that the Soundkeeper uses to keep track of them all, Milo seems to gain a greater appreciation of both noises and nice sounds. When Milo catches the word “but” in his mouth, Juster returns to his motif of punning by playing off the popular expression “on the tip of his tongue.” Once the sounds have been restored, the Soundkeeper realizes that her inability to appreciate all sounds makes her just as bad as Dischord and Dynne. Beauty, as we learned in the last section, is a matter of perspective. The Sound keeper realizes the sense of this, referring to Rhyme and Reason, symbols of wisdom, and declares that she will try to use each sound at the right time.


Tung Oil

Putting the Oil to the Feast Table


Thanksgiving is coming and the preparations begin for the feast!  I rubbed tung oil into the table today, as a part of the house work that was avoided successfully during the staining of the fence last week!  I also got some other fix-its accomplished and I’m finally, at 4 in the afternoon, ready to do such chores as cleaning the bathrooms and vacuuming.  Projects!

Staining: Enjoying the Autumn Heat Wave

Random Decision to Delight in the Sunshine for Four Days

 Truthfully, I haven’t unpacked and sorted quite to my liking as yet because the weather has been so especially beautiful that I decided to do some house maintenance!  I’ve taken a chunk of each morning this week and stained the deck, the outdoor bench and the fence…still about a day’s work left, but OH! How wonderful, it has been!  There is a wonderful rhythm to this kind of work and it is so satisfying to watch that rich surface take hold as the brush does its ‘magic’.

Max and I have taken breaks to go and play frisbee at the local park and I’ve made certain to take time in the back yard to sit back and enjoy my morning coffee.  It’s an awesome thing to mix physical work and good relaxation!  So…the siding has been power washed, the windows cleaned inside and out and the wood is taking on a new glow!

The Season Starts Winding Down