Love Art in Calgary: Lunch Shared at the Danish Canadian Club

I think one of the great times shared during the Love Art in Calgary tours comes at lunch time when we combine food, drink and warm conversation. We have a chance to react to the morning happenings and learn about one another’s interests apart from the tours.

Tour #7 allowed for the convenient lunch stop at the Danish Canadian Club, the Mermaid Inn. 

P1140840 Off of the lunch menu, I selected Roast Pork and Red Cabbage (Flæskesteg med Rødkål) and enjoyed it immensely.

P1140841 P1140843 P1140849There is always a sense of camaraderie as these groups gather around a shared table to discover common ground.  One thing’s for certain…there is much laughter and fun!  Some of our group members departed after lunch and five of us continued on to the final stop of the day.


Blue Cheese Platter…we discovered that all participants in Tour #7 like blue cheese! Unusual?


Mermaid Platter…a selection of prepared herring, shrimp and salad items.

Gorilla House LIVE ART: November 20, 2013

I began writing this post at 3:33.  Cool.

I heated up a bowl of cream of mushroom soup for lunch.  It was prepared the way Mom used to do it (apart from the addition of a can of water) when we were just wee things.  I sat at the large feast table by myself and pretty much ruminated the soup away, with thoughts of Mom and her love and care of me.

P11401590019_###After that, I spent the afternoon on my kitchen floor, working on a painting of a soldier and his daughter.  It should be finished this weekend.  Max and I took off for the off leash park and while my lashes froze during that one, I enjoyed getting up and moving after the intensity of my afternoon work-out. Painting is a huge work-out, the way I look at it.

I hesitated to go down to the Gorilla House because of the cold.  In the end, I made the trip out of commitment to myself and my friends who also attend every week.  It has something to do with the practice…the community…and the brain gym.

All of the driving concepts had to do with Mathematics… Game Theory and Deformation Theory (something to do with P).  HUH?    Math was a struggle for me in school…a struggle last night as well.  In the end, I thought simply of the relationship of a mother to her child.  Is that in any way mathematical?  Thanks to Rich for picking this one up at auction.  I was glad to see you, Angie. Be better. Thanks, Bruce, for the beverage.  Congratulations, Jess, on getting those cards done!

P1140177I finished writing this at 4:03…and that, with a consoling conversation with daughter.  I love you, Erin.