Journeyman: A Ten Year Survey by Bill Rodgers

Bart Habermiller generously led the Love Art in Calgary tour group through the exhibit, Journeyman: A Ten Year Survey by Bill Rodgers, a beautiful complement/continuation of the exhibit that opened last night at the Nickle Arts Museum out at the University of Calgary.

Bill was a huge influence while I studied at ACAD during my year of sabbatical from CCSD #1.  We shared many conversations about my practice and my ideas.  He was a very generous person when it came to authentic communications about my progress.  He saw me through the process of creating these works…

Three Men: Sabbatical at Alberta College of Art

Three Men: Sabbatical at Alberta College of Art

Three Men

Three Men

One of three Library Helpers

One of three Library Helpers

That year I established a new direction for my work and never really looked at the practice of painting for commercial art galleries the same afterwards.  Of course, there were other influences during my study…influences like visiting lecturer, Rene Derouin and the exploration of his work during his Glenbow and CAG exhibits, but Bill Rodgers and artist, William MacDonell were key.  That year of study was a blessing-year.

Because I came from this relationship with Bill Rodgers, the works on display at SQ Commons seemed to reach out and grab me.  It was a truly emotional experience.  I used a pinhole setting on my camera and so my readers will enjoy truer colour if they view the works at this particular link.  I DO, however, enjoy the nostalgic sensibility of this particular lens as it speaks to me personally about the residual experience of Bill’s grander influence on my life.  There is the art and then there is the art of living.

P1140917 P1140918 P1140919 P1140921 P1140923 P1140924 P1140925 P1140926 P1140928Thanks to Bart Habermiller for the generosity and for the interesting vision for gallery spaces as living breathing entities that move beyond ‘place’ and are accessible to everyone.

Love Art in Calgary: Trepanier Baer

From the Lux Laundromat, our tour group headed a few blocks east, to the Trepanier Baer art gallery.  I’ve had a few beautiful experiences there in the past viewing exhibits by Evan Penny and David Urban, so I was looking forward to revisiting the gallery and seeing the Ron Moppett exhibit, Vincent’s Last Studio.

The one really pleasant face to face conversation I shared with Ron Moppett was enjoyed at the Esker Foundation where we chatted about paint by number paintings at length and with interest.

I was really grateful for the generous tour given by Administrative Assistant, Judy Ciccaglione.  This was an informative and very entertaining review of some of the notions that were key to this exhibit.

P1140765 P1140767 P1140770 P1140772 P1140775 P1140777 P1140780 P1140781 P1140782 P1140783 P1140786 P1140788As an extension, Ron Moppett’s mosaic is a formidable piece of public art available for our perusal.

Love Art in Calgary: Wolf Willow Studio

Wendy Lees pulled together another fantastic Love Art in Calgary day on April 20, beginning at Michelena Bamford’s Wolf Willow Studio.  A creative and inspiring artist in her own right, Michelena has directed another company successfully, creating rich, fresh and festive wreaths through Rocky Mountain Wreaths.  Wolf Willow, a fairly recent space, provides a perfect bridge between wreath making and her myriad of other interests; mosaic, artist in residency programs, mother and child groups, meditation circles and classes.



At introductions, Wendy shared her passion with the group around the notion of art and creativity being a channel of hope for the marginalized populations of the City of Calgary.  The past couple of months have presented her with a whirlwind of opportunity linking her to a greater design and the tour group was blessed to be a part of the expression of that.  It was great to see such a variety of people in attendance on this tour.  It was fun to meet up with a woman who has impacted me in such a positive way over time, Maggie Lindsay, and other like-minded women who have participated in art journaling in a very concrete way over the last few years.

I had just met Jenn on the last tour and was glad to see her again.  She is such a mindful person and we have shared in some wonderfully rich conversations over our lunch martinis.

Michelena shared eloquently, her story of building a business from the very concept to its fruition.  It seems that everything in her story brought her to this wonderful space.  And I’m certain that she wouldn’t mind me posting here, some drawings for the logo that is being created to represent her business.  Warm, accessible; I highly recommend that if my readers have the chance, slip into her space and enter into creation!


On this tour, we were offered grab bags, coffee and coffee cake, as a way of easing into our tour.  Mayhaps the coffee cake is becoming tradition.  I hope so!


Michelena offered us a wee poetry magnet package…something that engaged folk in conversation and served as a natural ice breaker.  I’m always big on the connection between words and images.  I put my package away as a peaceful meditation to complete at home.  Visiting Wolf Willow Studios was a relaxing and warm way to begin our day.  The space is magic.

  P1100579 P1100594 P1100598 P1100600

Love Art in Calgary Tour: Part 5

The Loch Gallery at 1516 4th Street SW provided us with another experience, that of a very classy commercial art gallery.  The art that one will enjoy at this venue includes work by a number of contemporary artists, but also a nice historical collection.  Again, the proprietor, Ian Loch (son of David Loch) was very welcoming, as was Nancy Smith, pictured below with tour participant and friend, Michelena.  I was taken by a few images in the exhibit, Best of the Contemporary.  Jacques Payette’s encaustic pieces struck me as rich with multiple layers and textural qualities.  The wolf bronzes also appealed to me because of my recent work. It was such a fantastic day of viewing art.  I will try to keep my readers updated on future tours that will cover other venues with the same delicious energy!

payettequelquesentimentsdeambulenttoutseulP1100064 P1100065

Love Art in Calgary Tour: Part 4

Next…a place I love, for its regular and shifting events and for the fun it has brought to the Calgary core.  Situated right on the main C Train line, the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) has provided for some great entertainment over the last long while and I highly recommend that those readers who have opportunity, do get down for an opening.

The real bonus that came with the Love Art in Calgary Tour was the fact that we had the chance to visit with Jeffrey Spaulding, Artistic Director of MOCA.  He is always accessible, but in this setting, we had the opportunity to learn some very cool things about the present exhibit in a very chilled environment. A collaboration between MOCA, the Art Gallery of Calgary and Paul Kune galleries, finds us enjoying the 2012 Made in Alberta exhibit, works that span the period 1912 to 2012.  This, directly from the MOCA website…


In celebration of Calgary 2012, as Canada’s Cultural Capital, MOCA Calgary has prepared a series of related exhibitions as a centenary snapshot of the two bookend years: 1912 contrasted with 2012. The exhibition component 1912/2012 MADE IN ALBERTA surveys the extraordinary richness of contemporary Alberta art. It gathers together over 50 of the most prominent visual artists at work in Alberta. It comprises something of a yearbook of highlights from the 2012 season of art exhibitions as selected by Jeffrey Spalding, Artistic Director, MOCA Calgary together with Kayleigh Hall, Curator, The Art Gallery of Calgary and Esther Krasnow of Paul Kuhn Gallery, Contemporary Art. Owing to the scale of the works selected and the large number of artists included, the project will be shown in four parts: part one and three at MOCA Calgary, part two at Paul Kuhn Gallery and part four at The Art Gallery of Calgary.

MOCA Calgary proudly unveils 1912/2012 MADE IN ALBERTA III. The artists selected for presentation includes

Kyle Beal, Dianne Bos, Eric Cameron, Joane Cardinal-Schubert, Chris Cran, David Foxcroft, Richard Halliday, Geoffrey Hunter, Billy McCarroll, Ron Moppett, Randy Niessen, Shelley Ouellet, Colleen Philippi, Robert Scott, Dean Turner, Laura Vickerson, Nicholas Wade, Mary Shannon Will.

Thanks to Jeffrey Spaulding for his approachability and his terrific knowledge of art history.  This was an exceptional part of today’s tour!


Eric Cameron


Ron Moppett


David Foxcroft


Richard Halliday

P1100030 P1100035 P1100040 P1100041 P1100042 P1100049 P1100052 P1100058 P1100059 P1100063