Some of My Favourite People

Ascension Sunday was beautiful in so many ways.  Bishop Emeritus Frederick Henry was with us for the celebration of the Mass.  As much as being a part of this family has, at times, been a struggle, it feels as though I am home with my community when I share in the Mass with so many friends.  Sometimes in today’s world, we can be very MEcentric and I find that I am able to quiet that and really focus on ‘the other’ when I am in community. I sometimes wonder how the human family will look back on the world that we are creating and what our part in history will be.  I lifted prayers and offered up this Mass, in particular, for people in my life who have medical struggles and for my children.  From Mass, I stepped out into a gorgeous-weather day and decided to make my circle of the pond, with Max before anything else.


I booked up the afternoon with a create! workshop at Wendy’s…a session co-delivered with Ruth Purves Smith, needle felting and wet felting, forgetting that I was also committed to attending Indigenous dance led by Jess McMann.  Sigh… I opted to head out to Lakeview, as I knew I planned to visit my YaYa at the Foothills Hospital afterwards.

The afternoon was glorious, back yard crafting with beautiful and engaged creatives. The birds were chirping and singing and bathing, all the while.  Ginger snaps and ice cold lemonade were served as we went about learning to make dryer balls, wet felting and creating lovely artworks.  A great way to spend the afternoon!  Thank you, Wendy and Ruth.

Not only is Ruth a huge advocate for the Custom Woolen Mills, she is a heart-filled musician and huge song writer and story teller!  I hang out with amazing people!

In conclusion, kits were put together and I was eager to get over to the hospital and my friend, to see if she would be able to try felting.


It was a joy to watch my YaYa, sit outdoors in the shade of Foothills Hospital and manage some felting.  I will bring the project that she began along with me on my next visit and bit by bit, she can construct something beautiful.  Best she not poke her finger with one of those needles!  The day was so much brighter because I was able to hang out with her and to see the progress she has made in her healing.  Four months later, she is a strong and inspiring fighter!  Her husband is equally inspiring because he has been selfless and supportive through this very unique journey.  They are, together, an inspiring couple.

I spent the evening on my own…a little putzing in the garden…some more walking with Max…some texting with my daughter who had entered a song-writers competition.  She got to chat it up with one of my favourite Alberta song writers, Joe Nolan, and so I will aptly conclude this post with one of his tunes.

The day was a ‘Ballad of Some Sort”.  (Changed my mind…but, YouTube it!) Instead, River Ends. Both Ruth and Joe deliver music in wool socks.  I think song-writers who perform in sock feet are generally good people.

Thanks, Wendy Lees, for being a beautiful person!  Thanks to you, Ruth…for sharing the joy of creation with me, again.  Such warmth and generosity!

Love Art in Calgary Tours

Wendy Lees

Ruth Purves Smith



Joe Nolan at The Blues Can

Calgary was hit with some amazing light shows last evening…lots of hail in the deep south.  After the worst of it, I headed down to The Blue’s Can for Joe Nolan’s show, sharing the stage with Steven Halvorson.  Rich, rich, beautiful music.  I’m listening to High as the Moon as I type.  My buddy, Lorne, purchased me a CD.  He had a good day on the VLTs that day…so, he picked up music for all the ladies at the table.

In the front cover of Joe’s CD case…”I remember walking into the Rendering Plant of the first morning of recording.  I felt far away from home.  I picked up my guitar.  The red light turned on.  I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.  Here are the songs that climbed out…”  Joe gave me a hug as I said my good-bye last night.  Looking forward to more music and to sharing it with my children.

Find the link to all of this and more here.

Joe Nolan: Where Did This Guy Come From?

Photo of Joe Nolan album cover, Goodbye Cinderella borrowed from


I never cease to be surprised at the Calgary Folk Festival.  For Pete’s sake…this guy is living above a women’s apparel shop in Inglewood!  He blew us away with his vocals on Sunday at the festival!  Rich manly voice singing tender lyrics.  His version of Helpless by Neil Young got the crowd engaged at his good-bye.  For the people looking for good musicians, check this young man out!  I’m now going to stalk his website and find out where he’s been playing.  I’ll be down at the Blue’s Can on Tuesday.  I recommend that you join me. :0)