James Keelaghan: Artist, Musician, Story-Teller

I’ve felt deeply about this musician’s music for so many years…listening to it while I clean the bathroom.  It makes a small task so much nicer!  I’ll always remember my sister sending me a couple of tea bags,  a long woven rope of sweetgrass and a James Keelaghan Cd as a care package!  I love my sister with my whole heart!  I’ve been so blessed in my life!


Halloween 2005

‘They” say that ‘magic’ happens on Halloween night.  I was tucked in for the night….staring into the darkness……thinking…..eyes wide open……in wonder, really.  I decided I should write something before I found myself in November and came upstairs to find words and place them down on this page.  The computer froze as I decided that I was feeling like orange on blue….feeling like green on red……feeling excited.

It was at that precise moment, on the edge of November that my computer froze and the moment was lost and now I sit on the very summit of a memory….and I look at the clock.  It reads….November 01 12:13 A.M.  It is a new day….a blank page of pure potential.  I anticipate  good things this month…new experiences and much to be grateful for.

I was hunting the internet for lyrics to the song Sweetgrass Moon….I couldn’t find them anywhere….so I am at this precise moment humming the melody instead and feel that is enough as I tap tap tap my fingers across the keyboard.  This is the song that comes to mind in the first minutes of this new day.  Sleep peacefully.