Gramma Searches for Wood Ducks!

Yesterday morning, there was a nip in the air and by the time afternoon arrived beautiful large snowflakes were dropping from a springtime sky. To look at them was somewhat mesmerizing as they drifted so slowly to the wet ground.

9:30 saw my Grandson and me heading north to the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary. Gramma was going in search of Wood Ducks…a lifer in her long bird wish list.

The Bird Sanctuary is yet one more jewel in this city that I treasure so much. I want to, over the years, share at least once, each of these places that I’ve grown to love.

With his little bowl of rice chex in tow and his toy car, Uncle, in his drink cup, off we headed, arriving slightly before opening. We let ourselves in through the side gate and having agreed to walk and not use a stroller,  we were off. My grandson was looking for Wode Guks and I was looking for Wood Ducks, but of no surprise, the Canada Geese became the main event with their flirting and honking, landings and take offs and other shenanigans. We even experienced the close-up hissing and big tongue of one dude along the way.

Wofe! Wofe! Sceery!


Walk. Train. Sky. Walk.


He carried that piece of wood along for most of the first half of the walk. I was mindful…continually scanning for predatory birds and canines, even skunks, porcupines and such. This was a very busy field trip for Gramma!





Bidge (I love this photograph, by the way)

Wode Guk! (please click on photos to enjoy larger images) Lifers, for me!

Wok. Wok. Goose.

Can you believe this kid?

Other birds… Redtail Hawk, Mergansers, Goldeneyes

Mr. and Mrs. Wood Duck

Warming up in the center… In in in!

Another beautiful experience, shared with my remarkable, funny, interested, cheerful, resilient boy!

Calgary Gets Nekked

Do Calgary Naked is a great concept! So much was going on in the city yesterday!  Do YYC Naked, Alberta Culture Days events and arts, music and sports events throughout the city. It was clearly impossible to take everything in, but it looked like Calgarians were outdoors for a good time and exploring some places that they just never have opportunity to see.  I hope that the various venues for the Do YYC Naked event will do so again because certainly yesterday was a glorious day!

We set out for the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary first.

Tour rarely-seen areas of this historic gem
and try the historical scavenger hunt.
2425-9th Avenue SE
Transit Stop #5611, 4669 (10 minute walk
east along 9th Ave SE)

It was a lovely thing to wander through the space originally inhabited by Colonel James Walker and on such a magical autumn day!

When I took photos, I was most interested in capturing the light…interior passages, windows and doors and selected archival material, particularly related to the grounds, the wildlife and the past inhabitants.

Next…we headed for the Lougheed House…first, taking the time to enjoy the gardens and grounds, still washed with colour and texture.

Once we came in from the gardens, we went to the dining room for lunch.  I enjoyed the scrumptious eggs benedict with salmon, spinach and a perfect hollandaise sauce.  It was a lovely meal with a hot cup of coffee.  Whenever we get together, we share in conversation that leaves me feeling grateful, happy and loved.

Then into the opulent home of the Lougheeds!  The curator was our tour guide and he was very successful in describing the detail of the residence and its changes over time.  I was pleased to get up into the attic where we learned of and saw a wee child’s shoe tucked into the wall, a ritual among families of this time period.  It was also most interesting to visit the lowest level where the archives are kept…beautiful period items set carefully on the tables before us.

We all felt bad for the presence of this elegant wedding cake…left sadly, on the edge of a table as the tours went through.