Where are you, Glenn Gangnier?

Opening up the Imitation of Christ yesterday and then again, today, got me thinking about the incription and where Glenn Gangnier might be today…so, of course, I did a search.  As my readers know, some of these searches that I do are less successful than others.  I sent off an electronic note to a business address for a Glenn Gangnier shortly after making a likely choice and gratefully, heard back from him today.  Glenn Gangnier, along with Ali Ross, is a potter in historic Perth, Ontario.  I also came upon this ‘magical’ description of Swallowtail Farm.  I will make certain, the next time I head home to Belleville to see Mom and Dad, to stop in and visit these two and buy myself some preserves and a piece or two of pottery.  The image of this piece of pottery was borrowed from this site.

Glenn Gangnier and Ali Ross

Historic Perth in Ontario


Through this blog post, Glenn and I re-connected by electronic mail on February 2, 2012.  We wrote about friends who we shared and lessons we had learned and he had invited me to visit on one of my visits east.  Yesterday, June 8, 2014, I was able to give some testimony to the type of friend he was in life and the sorts of memories we shared with his sister and his Mom.

Glenn passed from this life and is with our Lord today. He impacted my life so much as I was seeking out answers of faith and shared in my spiritual growth as I discovered the power of Eucharist. I give gratitude that we reconnected through my writing about the Imitation of Christ. Go in peace, Glenn.


The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe. — Gustave Flaubert

Love to be Unknown!

It has been many years since I pulled the book, Imitation of Christ by Thomas a Kempis, off of my bookshelf.  There was a time when I read from it, nightly.  If the content seemed too overwhelming or brought up too many ideas at the time, I remember reading only a little bit and then spent time digesting its meaning and how its references applied to me.  It was while writing notes during a session last evening that Kempis came to mind and ultimately lead me to this wonderful post about the Imitation of Christ, written by David Alton.

I cherish my role as sponsor in the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults and continue to learn so much on this journey.  As I glance at the inscription within the front cover of my copy of Imitation of Christ, I can not help but celebrate gratitude as I think about all of the people who have supported me in my faith journey.  I am feeling particularly blessed today.

Incorrect spelling of Eucharist below…in fact, as I zip along in my note-taking, my readers will find many slips in my writing, in every respect.  However, the gist of the thought will be there.