Art Flood: Grade Ones Talk About Rivers

We visited about happy times spent along the river.  We remembered that our Alberta rivers include the Elbow and the Bow rivers.  We talked about skipping rocks, fishing and the differences between oceans and rivers, what a community is.  We also prepared our panels with gesso.  The students each took a turn rolling paint on panels, an act that elicited a number of stories and memories as well!  The students received their site word list.

Having been hooked up fully on the classroom technology front, I also had the children gather on our community carpet to watch Mayor Nenshi’s invitation to make art on the topic of the flood.  Later that day, we began reading river stories.  Many good books are written about the river.

YYC riversP1150960 P1150961 P1150962 P1150963 P1150964 P1150965

Surprise #5: Taking Care of Business!

P1120253 P1120254 P1120255 P1120256 P1120257 P1120258 P1120259 Randy Bachman really shook up the crowd.  One awesome act after another, but this one seemed to inspire YouTube video and got the most people up off their seats.  I was surprised that his set resonated with me so deeply.  I had no idea that of all the music to be heard the evening of the Alberta Flood Relief Concert, Bachman’s tunes would so reach into my heart and memory.  He was not only entertaining, he was genuinely musical.  There was so much energy in the band that the crowd could not help but get pumped.  Nice going, Randy!  And, thank you!

This would be the YouTube video that really put a smile on my face.  I was too busy dancing to create one of my own!  This one’s titled, “Guy givin’ er at Alberta flood relief concert”

Haiti, Japan and Slave Lake, Alberta…Great Falls, Montana…Manitoba

What happens to these places?  I’ve only named a few. 

The world seems to be in an upheaval…churning up all sorts of natural disasters!  The newspapers and television…the internet…spew out so many stories when the crises have occurred.  For days, the public reacts in shock with the bulletins of lost lives, lost property and hardship.  Money is funneled into accounts and then days later, the stories are abandoned for new stories.  It is my hope, by writing, that I might cause my readers to think about affirmative action in regards to any one of these situations.

Tonight, Tom Jackson is hosting a CBC performance out of Edmonton, an effort to raise funds for those who have lost their homes and belongings in Slave Lake.  In a moment, their lives were changed by a wild fire!  As I write, I can not help but send out gratitude to the universe that my children and I are safe and in good health!

It is a well-known fact that radiation continues to pour into the water surrounding the shores of Japan.   Similar to the horrific oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010, distance gives us the chance to put out of our minds, the people who have been ruined economically, and the animals, out of view, that are silently dying under the surface. 

Oh, my.  I may come off as being a ‘bleeding-heart’ here…or mayhaps, negative and defeated, but IN FACT, I do know this to be true.  Humanity is full of kindness.  Human beings reach out to those in need.  I like to believe that we will take care of one another.  As the planet is stretched to its limit, I want to believe that we will step up and forward, for one another! 

It's a Beautiful World! Emigrant Pass

Post Script:  This is well-put…and a view that is important to think about!  !  Apart from your content (and I will be visiting and reading much more), I have to comment on the fact that you are a superb writer!  Thank you for your candor!

Summer Approaching

Happiness!Board WalkAt the BridgeFriends Last!You Can Do It!Copy of My BuddiesGroup of Lady Slippers 2There have been summer thunder storms each evening for three nights and besides setting my pooch to shivering, they created quite a drama about things.  I’ve finally finished with my intense clean-up in my six-by-six foot storage space that floated in an inch of water…and for who knows how long?  It was a bit of a bee in my bonnet as I wanted to be doing other things to get ready for family visits and summer vacation.  I’ve now resigned myself to ease off on the pressure.
The plumber who was called in to do repairs ended up being quite the ‘card’ and I took notes as he put a new faucet on our ensuite sink so that I will be able to do the same repair in the house any time.  I was quite the assistant and ended up under the sink as much as above as I learned about various supply tubes, nuts and such.  Shocking to learn about the drain too…and to find what gathers there!  YIKES!  I believe I’ll only have to get myself a larger crescent wrench…some dope…and I’ll be set.
I went on a morning wild flower hike with my Ya Yas and ‘the little guy’ on Saturday morning.  It was just so awesome to get away from everything and to get out to the mountains with friends. I’ve still not been into my flower identification book to locate the names of the flowers that we discovered.  It was certainly a successful adventure, apart from the fact that we couldn’t complete the loop either direction because of high run-off and the water levels around the lake.  We had fun trying to take photos at several locations.
Right now we are completing the provincial exam schedule, hosting an awards assembly in the afternoon…School wide Mass tomorrow and a Track and Field day in the afternoon…all that sort of thing.  I’m writing like a crazy lady because I want to get a letter and photo off into the mail for each of my language arts students.  Am I being completely unreasonable?  Laughing here….have a ‘brilliant’ day….last week until vacation!  Celebrate with me.  Oh yes…and sign my guest book!!!  It’s easy schmeazy!